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The Ariens Razor™ Walk Behind Lawn Mower will provide you with professionally manicured results. This mower is packed with many innovative features that make it easy to use. The exclusive Rite-Hite™ handlebar adjustment allows for the ability to adjust the height of the handle from the operator position by pushing the bail forward. You can easily select one of 7 cutting heights with the single point height of cut adjustment. The 2-in-1 system makes it easy for you to quickly transition from mulch to bag.  The deep domed deck design provides excellent performance in all cutting modes. This combination of innovative features and attention to detail define razor sharp performance. This may be the last mower you ever buy.

The Ariens Razor lawnmower is full of ground-breaking features that puts the competition to shame. This mower has a 2mm steel stamped “Deep dome deck” pitched from 4.5 to 5” to provide maximum airflow through the cutting process

  • Premium 175cc Subaru engine
  • 21' Cutting Width
  • Variable Speed Self-Propelled
  • 14 ga. Deep Domed Deck
  • 1' - 4' Height of Cut Adjustment
  • Single Point Height of Cut Adjustment
  • Rite-Hite™ Handlebar Adjustment- 3 Mowing Positions and 2 Storage Positions
  • Includes Mulch Plug and Bagger
  • 7 cutting positions ranging from 1-4”
  • All steel gears in the wheels and axle
  • Squeeze box variable speed control 
  • Bale cover that provides maximum comfort and ergonomics to the user
  • 71 litre bag capacity
  • 2-in-1 deck with mulching and bagging ability

This mower features the Rite-Hite handlebar adjustment system. An industry first, the system allows the user to choose from 5 handlebar positions with one simple manoeuvre (3 cutting positions, 2 storage positions), and makes assembling the machine a 15 second job for any dealer!   The Ariens Razor was developed after a thorough review of the biggest competitors in this marketplace and delivers industry leading performance at a fantastic price. With configurations in electric start, self-propelled, and push the Razor offers a wide range of features for any consumer who walks into your store. The Razor carries the Ariens brand name; recognised as a global leader in high quality outdoor power equipment since 1933.

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