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- Irrigation System


Advantages Of Quick Coupling Sprinkler Irrigation System; Without causing erosion, it can be used in places with sleep slopes and/or where the topography is irregular. Accounts for the ideal irrigation method where soil is shallow and the conductivity low. Components can easily be replaced after long service time and this in turn increases the economical service life of the system.

  • Since water is introduced in fine droplets as in rain,it provides an increase of productivity in the range of 20%-50% compared to other irrigation methods and the quality therefore is increased.
  • As controlled water quantity can be introduced, it accounts for the most adequate irrigation system in places where draining problems are existent.
  • Operation and labor costs are minimized.
  • Soluble artificial fertilizers can be introduced without extra workmanship during irrigation.
  • Vegetables and fruits(e.g.citrus fruits,vineyards,and other orchards, etc.) are protected from frost or heat.
  • The system is durable,unbreakable and the pipe connection heads are crack resistan. Clamps and latches are designed to withstand twice tho nominal pressure.The pipes are resistant to external loads and impact that may be imparted during transportation and handling in the field.

Important Notes For Planning Of Sprinkler Irrigation System

  • The main pipe line should be installed in accordance with the dominant inclination.
  • Sprinkler laterals should be installed vertical to dominant inclination and, to the possible extent,parallel to the contour lines.
  • In places where wind forces are high, laterals should be so installed as to meet the winds vertically.
  • Use of very long laterals should be discouraged.Shorter laterals generally ensure homogenous water distribution and saving workmanship.
  • In order to ensure minmum lateral movement and changes in the quantity of the sprinklers which operate jointly and harmoniously, the area to be served must be arranged in square or regtangle,to the possible extent.
  • In case where more than one lateral must operate simultaneously, diameters of the laterals should preferably be equal or two different sizes maximum.

Quick Coupling Sprinkler Irrigation System
There are 2 different jointing methods in Pipelife Quick Coupling Sprinkler HDPE are produced in 5m and 6m. Pipes and fittings are designed not to have any leakage even under low operating pressures. Pipelife Quick Couplink Sprinkler Irrigation System has a long service life for tough conditions in all topographies.

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