- Model 3 - Chokeberry Harvester



Harvester JAREK 3 is available also in a version designed for harvesting chokeberries and is called ARONIC. This version is equipped in one strewer with an increased energy of vibrations and adjusted crop engaging runners. Like JAREK 3 Harvester ARONIC also harvests fruit from one side in a row during one pass. It should be driven by an agricultural tractor with minimum power of 20 kW (approximately 30HP) and the possible low work speed.

Suggested speed of harvesting is 0,4-1,5 kmph and depends on the size of the crop. The real yield is approximately 0,08-0,20 ha/h. It’s also affected by the organization and the unloading. It’s worth noticing that chokeberry fields are usually bigger than currants and therefore the yield takes longer and the accuracy depends mostly on the size of bushes and the type of plantation. The bushes can’t be overgrown. The optimal size is 1,0 to 1,8 m. The accuracy of yield in the appropriate conditions reaches 98% and the level of rubbish and damaged fruits doesn’t go above 1%.

The frequency of vibrations, the speed of conveyors and the efficiency of a cleaning fan are regulated fluently by hydraulic valves. To provide a fluent harvest from heavily fruiting plantations the linear speed of conveyors and the capacity of containers on the conveyor’s belt were increased.

Young crops before and after the harvesting:

Basic version of ARONIC harvested is equipped in tri-gradual gap regulation. Combined with a large variety of distributor‘s elements regulation and the ability to lower heavily the strewer elements it allows harvesting from both low and high bushes. No additional elements are necessary to achieve that.

Relatively high location of conveyor’s container facilitates the collection of fruit cases and allows adjusting the machine to harvest into box pallets (bulk boxes). Additional information about bulk box harvesting can be found in the additional accessories section.

Plantation requirements

A plantation should be flat and even (max. slope 5%), cleared from stones, with no furrows and hollows. A space of minimum 8 meters to turn round the harvester should be provided on both sides. When using harvesters with moving wheels the space can be reduced to 4-8 meters. The span of the rows should be minimum 4 meters and the span of the bushes in a row maximum 0,5 meters. The bushes should be formed into a letter V, without crossing shoots.

  • Transport length: 4,80 m
  • Working length: 5,80 m
  • Width: 2,25 m
  • Height: 1,96 m
  • Weight: 1450 kg
  • Performance: 0,08-0,2 ha/h

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