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Articulated weed cutter

CHASSIS: Built in SAE 1010 steel of 5 y 6 mm. thick, with transverse and longitudinal nerves welded electrically in controlled atmosphere with MAG-MIG system. Lateral and articulated wings allow to copy the land blemishes up to 20 degrees up or below. TRANSMISSION: Cardan with safeguard, bevel gear case chrome-nickel steel forged, carved, quenched and tempered, working in oil baths, giving it durability.

BLADE: Oscillating spleen carries cleavers, measured to support big requirements. It is synchronized to achieve a perfect cut.

FRONT PROTECTORS: Chains curtain in the machine front protect and provide security to the operator.

OPERATION: Hydraulic, by 3'' 3.5'' and 4''compensating cylinders, allowing regulate the machine cut height
ROLLED: It is provided with four 600x16 rims.
OPTIONAL: Tires 600x16.

Cut width: 4950 mm.
Cut height Register: Hydraulic.
Folding wings: Hydraulic diverter valve.
Transport width: 2600 mm.
Height: 40-360 mm.
Approximate weight: 1500 kg.
Performance: 4-5 ha / h
Rotor RPM: 900

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