Artificial Turf Systems


Properties PRESTIGE: PRESTIGE granulate artificial turfs are third-generation football fields. With PRESTIGE surfacing, sports can be played as though on natural grass in any weather, riht round the clock. Friction burns and grazes are a thing of the past. The softness and 'give' of the surface can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements.

Applications PRESTIGE

PRESTIGE is suitable for football and rugby at all levels.

Properties of artificial turf layer

The turf layer is made as a standardized combination with a carrier fabric of structured yarn and aggregates. This composition ensures that a particularly dense turf layer can be built up and maintained, with high shear strength and the right combination of water-retention and permeability.

Applications turf layer

Artificial turf using the WALO system is particularly suitable for surfaces subject to high stress such as football pitches, multi-sports fields and athletics tracks, fairgrounds, playgrounds, as well as for equestrian sports and racecourses.

Properties CASOLON

CASOLON artificial turfs are elastic, hard-wearing, water-permeable systems, with variable elastic layers. Games and training sessions can be held in all weathers.

Applications CASOLON

CASOLON is suitable for all ball games, including football, tennis and hockey.

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