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- Model KS - Subsoil Plow


The Asa Laser KS is a subsoiler with a coupled seed box. Thus, besides loosening the soil, it sows small seeds during a single operation. The biggest benefit of the Asa Laser KS is that it prevents re-consolidation of the soil. As such, plants have greater opportunity to expand their root systems in softer soil, quickly occupying the whole volume of the profile, before natural re-consolidation sets in. Re-consolidation is common in soils that do not have a good structure or with low organic material content.

As it reduces certain operations like harrowing and sowing, the use of the ASA LASER KS fosters an important reduction in cost for broadcast sowing crops, such as: oats, millet and wheat in direct planting areas, and brachiaria in pastures.

The Asa Laser KS is a pioneer in the market thanks to its automatic release system. Re-hitch the arm with a simple return of just 30 cm without the need to lift the implement from the ground, increasing effective work time.

Establishes the winter cover crop in the same operation as the subsoiling, preventing the re-consolidation of soil caused by machine traffic after this operation. Thus, the soil remains in the ideal condition to receive the next summer crop.

Ideal for sowing crop seeds in the winter cover.

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