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The new ASK crop lifter has new optical characteristics. And lasts longer. Because the gently curved bottom runner takes the pressure off the riveting at the mounting modul. Therewith the wear of the first fixation rivet is significantly reduced. Damage caused by torn off crop lifters is minimized and in addition the guidance of the crop lifter on the ground is improved.

The new slimProfile prevents the reel tines getting caught when reversing.
 The ASK crop lifter is backwards compatible with all previous Schumacher series. The ASK replaces the ASX in the spare parts business 2010. The ASK series is available with your distributer for all popular combines, wether with or without Schumacher cutting system.

Proven elements:

Crop lifters are fixed with KM-3 spoolnut. Inserting the spring clip in one of the 3 possible positions (holes) is regulating the height adjustment.

Stability is garantied by the consequent molding of the bottom runner.

Advantages for you:

  • longer lasting
  • high functionality and stability
  • easy handling
  • the original is easy to identify by slimProfil

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