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Plant wide maintenance tracking to optimise plant up time. AssetMaster provides a method of recording information on all site equipment to be used as an aid to planned / unplanned maintenance.  It also provides a means of storing supplier information and sub-assemblies in stores. If linked to an AutoPilot4Feed control system, equipment run times and other totals such as the number of times a certain item has been started can be updated automatically; therefore maintenance schedules are updated too.  If there's no link to a control system these totals can be manually updated. AssetMaster also provides a reporting system of useful information such as the current maintenance schedule showing maintenance jobs that are due / overdue on individual items of equipment.

AssetMaster allows you to record details of all equipment, sub-assemblies, suppliers and maintenance details. You can then build up a history of each item as maintenance is done and repairs made. You can produce plans for preventative maintenance or just log when something is fixed. You can also record the spares you have in stock and supplier details.

This can save alot of time if, for example, a plant item like a conveyor fails in the middle of the night. AssetMaster has the information on the motor, the size of 'V' belts that are used and how many are in stock. If you don't have a spare, AssetMaster can report which other motors have the same belts so one may be possibly borrowed from a non-essential item.

Any and every piece of equipment can be categorised, logged and itemised. An equipment item can also be made up of number of sub-assemblies that may well be common items also used elsewhere. In fact, you can record everything you may need to know about the equipment. Over the years, a full history is recorded together with running hours, failures and so on.

You can plan any number of types of maintenance schedules for equipment. Each item can have a number of maintenance schedules. When linked to a control system e.g. AutoPilot4Feed the number of actual failures, starts or manual overrides are recorded. This allows maintenance to be planned on real information linked back from the factory floor.

AssetMaster comes with a comprehesive list of reports including:-

  • Equipment list by group / common assembly
  • Sub assembly stock list
  • Maintenance completed / due / overdue
  • Maintenance schedule

Crystal Reports or Microsoft Access may be used to customise these or create new reports.

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