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Astaxanthin Oil


Clear and dark red coloured oil. Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) contains high levels of natural Astaxanthin.

Krill derived Astaxanthin can be supplemented into aquaculture diets to effectively increase pigmentation. In addition to providing a natural source of pigment, Astaxanthin acts as a highly effective antioxidant to protect the oil from oxidation. Astaxanthin in Antarctic krill is present in di-ester (80 %) and mono-ester (20 %) form. The optical isomers are predominantly 3R,3´R-astaxanthin (60-70 %) and 3S,3´S-astaxanthin (10-20 %).

Handling and storage
Store at room temperature or below. Do not freeze. Two years shelf life from date of manufacture.

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