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ASTERA Fungicide with aβpro Yield Enhancer is the only advanced plant health fungicide solution that offers plant health benefits without contributing to the risk of strobilurin resistance. aβpro Yield Enhancer uses alphaBeta proteins to stimulate the plant’s defense mechanism for greater disease resistance, plant health and higher yields. Studies have shown the positive plant health benefits are similar to those found with strobilurin use, but are more persistent.

The power of alphaBeta proteins

The power of ASTERA Fungicide with aβpro Yield Enhancer is a revolutionary new chemistry that uses alphaBeta proteins to stimulate the plant’s natural growth responses. The result? Increased photosynthesis, nutrient uptake, root development, overall biomass and plant quality resulting in improved plant growth and yields.

The Advanced Plant Health Fungicide Solution
  • A completely new path to plant health and higher yields
  • alphaBeta proteins stimulate plant health benefits similar to those following use of a strobilurin
  • Economical way to get plant health benefits on previously fungicide-untreated acres
  • Apply with last herbicide application for greater savings
  • Recommended application timing for maximum benefits: V5

NOTE: aβpro Yield Enhancer does not act directly on pests, so pests are not expected to develop resistance to its use. And while aβpro does activate plant reactions by gene expression, it does not permanently alter the DNA of treated plants.

Diseases Controlled in Corn
  • Leaf blights
  • Rusts
  • Gray leaf spot
  • Eye spot

ASTERA Fungicide with aβpro Yield Enhancer is a co-pack

ASTERA with aβpro Yield Enhancer is a co-pack made up of:

  1. ASTERA is a broad-spectrum fungicide for the control of specified diseases in labeled crops.
  2. aβpro Yield Enhancer stimulates the natural growth and defense systems of crops, enhancing overall plant health. It has no direct killing effect on pests. Product efficacy is based on its ability to activate the plant’s own internal defense and growth mechanisms.

If 1 ounce of aβpro is diluted in more than 35 gallons of chlorinated water (e.g., municipal water), add a labeled water treatment product to remove excess chlorine before adding ASTERA. Consult your Arysta LifeScience North America, LLC representative if you need further directions on water treatment.


Step 1: Fill at least one-half of the mix tank with clean water. Provide gentle agitation.

Step 2: Add the required amount of aβpro. Agitate until dissolved and avoid excessive foaming.

Add corresponding labeled rate of ASTERA to the tank.

Step 3: If tank mixing, add other materials to the mix tank.

Step 4: Add remaining water to mix tank.

Step 5: Continue gentle agitation and apply promptly with agitator running.

Proven results in corn

In trials conducted across the Corn Belt, in addition to trials conducted by the Iowa Soybean Association, ASTERA with aβpro Yield Enhancer provided excellent plant health benefits, effective disease control and unsurpassed yields.

Higher yields - Lower costs

ASTERA with abpro Yield Enhancer is an economical alternative to strobilurin fungicides for plant health benefits and the associated higher yields, which make it an excellent choice for previously fungicide-untreated acres. Early application (V5) is recommended for maximum benefits, and you can apply it with your last herbicide application for even greater savings.

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