- Convertible Greenhouses



This model is a variation of the Asthor Gothic. This greenhouse is ideal for countries with mild climates where the temperature differences between night and day are not very significant. In the Asthor Convertible model, we can leave the roof windows blocked always opened, being possible to add in the future the open-close system, manual or automatic.

The Asthor Convertible is ideal for companies which do not want to make a big initial investment. The Asthor Convertible also has the same advantages as the Asthor Gothic: better luminosity, bigger air volume, better ventilation, less condensation and in general higher quality and profitability.

Standard Models:
Asthor Convertible 12,80; Asthor Convertible 960 y Asthor Convertible 800

New Asthor Innovation:
Oval Asthor arches mainly used in the 12.80 meters width bays Asthor convertible greenhouse

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