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The shape of the arch of Asthor O.C.V. is similar to Asthor Gothic. The difference between both is that the structure of Asthor O.C.V. is lighter. Asthor O.C.V. is designed for zones without strong winds. It has the same advantages as the Asthor Gothic, and it also allows the utilization of all the climate control auxiliary systems. Furthermore, the roof and walls ventilations can be either manual or automatic. One of the big advantages of the Asthor O.C.V. is its price thanks to its lighter structure, being also strong enough to deal with 112 km/h winds.

Standard Models:
Asthor O.C.V. 12,80; Asthor O.C.V. 960 y Asthor O.C.V. 800

New Asthor Innovation:
Oval Asthor arches mainly used in the 12.80 meters width bays Asthor o.c.v. greenhouse

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