- Stable Straw System



The HETWIN robot for strewing straw consists of two parts: The first is the storage container in which up to two square bales or three round bales can be pre-stored. From there the bales are automatically broken up from below and conveyed automatically to the dosing equipment and further loosened up and transported to the strewing robot by a conveyor belt. The second part, the actual strewing robot ASTOR, runs silently through the stable hanging from a track and strewing the straw. It can run different routes at programmed times. The batteries are loaded when it is in the parked position.

Product Description
  • Improved health due to dry bedding and optimum Hygiene
  • Can be used with various materials such as straw (max. 5cm), Separation materials with lime
  • Savings on straw due to daily dosage
  • Enormous reduction of workload
  • Improved conditions for straw storage systems
  • Flexibly adjustable amount of straw bedding

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