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- Model 3,6T - Grain-Grass-Fertilizer Seeder



ASTRA 3,6T is designed for row sowing of cereals and legumes, both separately and with simultaneous sowing of loose and non-loose grass seeds and application of granular fertilizers. The seeder, using the main hoppers and through double disc coulters with displaced discs, sows seeds of grains and legumes, as well as of mid-loose and non-loose grass seeds. From the grass hoppers, through shoe-type (coulter) openers, small bulk grass seeds are sown, and the loose grass seeds are sown under cover of grain crops. The three seeders ASTRA 3,6T with the coupling SP-11G compose the hydraulic wide-span unit for grain crop sowing. The seeders in the aggregate are interconnected chequerwise. The coupling can be linked to tractors with engine capacity of 150 hp and above. The aggregate with the coupling unit SP-11D increases productivity by 1.5-2 times.

The grain hopper of the seeder is equipped with a grain agitator; the sowing unit neck is fit a supercharger. The seeder is equipped with the device setting the application rate of grass seed. The neck of the grass hopper’s sowing unit is fit with a supercharger. The shoe-type (coulter) openers for grass seed sowing are also used as earthing devices.

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