- Model AT4010 - All Terrain Liquid Injection Applicator



The BLU-JET AT4010 is specifically designed to give the operator an ideal balance of stability, tracking, durability, versatility, and customizable features. The chassis and toolbar are designed to accept varying row spacings and swath widths to match planters from 30' to 60'. The 1400 gallon cone bottom tank provides capacity for covering a good number of acres between fills, and the large tractor style tires increase floatation when compared to smaller tires on competitive units. Individual farmers, custom applicators, and rental fleet operators have all found the BLU-JET AT4010 an ideal fit for their businesses.

At 16'8' wide, the BLU-JET AT4010 has one of the narrowest transport widths on the market when compared to others with similar prices, tank capacities, and swath widths. In fact, some competitive models must remove row units in order to accomplish anything close to the narrow transport width AT4010 provides. Additionally, the AT4010 has a transport height of only 12' and an overall length of just 15'8'. The small transport widths achieved by AT4010 are due to the superior design of its 5-section folding toolbar.

  • 1400 Gallon Tank Capacity
  • High clearance 3-3/8' Spindles
  • 7'x7' Folding Toolbar
  • Gullwing Lift Design
  • 320/90R46 Tractor Tires
  • Wing Guage Wheels
  • Bottom Fill Plumbing with 3' Suction
  • ¾' EDPM Continuous Hose Manifold Assembly
  • 30,400 lb. Transport Chain

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