- Model AT6020 - Commercial Class Fertilizer Injection Applicator



The BLU-JET AT6020 Commercial Class Fertilizer Applicator is designed for high rate; high acre application needs and is available with BLU-JET® award winning StripTill row components for superior residue flow. The heavy duty 6X6 mainframe comes with a five year frame warranty. With swath widths from 45’ to 62.5’ and the ability to place NH3, Liquid, Dry or Dual placement solutions in PrePlant, SideDress or StripTill applications, the AT6020 ™ is the most versatile fertilizer applicator on the market today.

  • Heavy Duty, 6 x 6 mainframe
    Constant level mainframe maintains even depth and precise application
    over uneven terrain. Five year frame warranty.
  • Row Options Include:
    PrePlant, SideDress, and StripTill configurations
  • Nutrient Delivery Options Include:
    NH3, Liquid, Dry, or Dual Placement Applications
  • Swath Widths:
    45’ to 62.5’ swath widths in 15”, 20” or 30” rows, 18R30 to 25R30 sizes
  • High Flotation Tire Options:
    Dual 12.4 x 38 center tires and four single hydraulic gauge wheels
    maximize flotation while limiting compaction.

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