IDM Agricultura Rentable

Model ATH - 2700 - Trolley for Ground Greenhouses



Forward or reverse movement while pressing the pedal so hands are free to work. Smooth acceleration and braking. Emergency stop on both chassis and control panel. All-terrain traction. Special width wheels for sandy or hard grounds. Clutch for moving the trolley if battery is dead. Door opens inwards for safety. Self-closing door. Telescopic steering-wheel and railing to be adapted to each working height. Safety railing at 110 cm. Anti-skid working platform. Battery charge indicator. Automatic battery charger. Charge the batteries in the night-time and, when fully charged, they get automatically disconnected from the power supply. 2º inclinometer. Anti-rollover pothole.

  • Engine: 1CV
  • Max. movement speed: 24 m / min.
  • Average lifting speed: 4,7 m / min.
  • Total lifting time: 32 s.

Total length : 1.76 cm.
Minimum width: : 90 cm.
Max. platform height: : 2.7 m.
Max. working height: : 4,7 m.
Weight: : 485 kg.
Maximum load: : 240 kg.

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