- Model 220 - Levee Plows



Relube QUADRASEAL Double Row Tapered Roller Bearings. 1-½' Cold Rolled Square Axle. Disc - 24' Diameter Smooth. Disc Spacing - 10-½'. ½' x 4' x 7' x 136' Tool Bar. Category II or III Heavy Duty Hitch. Gang Wrench. Tubular Parking Stands (2)

The Tool Bar on the Model 220 is constructed from a ½ x 4 x 7' steel tube for exceptional strength and durability.

The Hitch is designed to adapt either to a Category II or III Free Link or Quick Hitch.

Disc Gangs
The Disc Gangs on the Model 220 feature the TIMKEN® Double-Row Tapered Roller Bearings for unsurpassed strength and durability.

Levees are built in a fraction of the time it normally takes, with rapid and easy Hydraulic Balk and Tilt adjustments from the tractor seat.

Operating Angle can be quickly adjusted to fit soil conditions by changing the length of a frame member between the Gang and the Tool Bar.

  • Hydraulic or Manual Adjustment
  • Disc Blades:
    • 24' Diameter Cutout
    • 26' Diameter Smooth
    • 26' Diameter Cutout

  • Cover Discs with Scrapers

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