- Model 20 - Tractor Trailers



Series of tractor trailers ATLANT includes the most available special tandem trailers with bowl body folding backwards and universal chassis ATLANT. It is possible to make use of many different types of bodies and their combination for these chassis. Chassis are already at basic prepared for assembly whichever body from our production programme or from the programme of cooperating producers.


  • Hydraulic and telescopic cylinder for folding the body BB20 with lifted capacity 22 t and safety fuse against body fall when hope pipe defect
  • Frame made of oblong hot drawing profile 300 x100 x10 mm, quality S355J2H, according to EN102010
  • Four-dotted hanging points for bodies for easy displacing the bodies
  • Parabolically suspended tandem chassis, chassis ADR (upon request BPW), second chassis towingly driven with hydraulic locking when reversing (upon request actively driven), girder 110 x110 mm, track 2000 mm, type of brake 412S, size of brake 406 x 120 mm, connecting sizes of the rim 10 x M22/280/335 mm
  • Tires 560/60 R 22,5 Nokian in basic, upon request Michelin, Alliance, BKT and others
  • Two-line braking system, one-circuit KNORR-BREMSE
  • Automatic loading brake regulator
  • Spring accumulating parking brake
  • In basic equipment 3 individual hydraulic circuits for lifting the body, control of tail board and locking of chassis + 2 individual hydraulic circuits with outputs in back part of chassis for control or drive of body accessories
  • Supporting hydraulic stand
  • Adjustable bar being suspended by leaf spring
  • All types of connection - eye 40 mm for upper multiple-stage suspention, fixed or flexible eye 50 mm for hook or suspention piton fix, tow 80 mm for suspention K80
  • Obligatory lighting 12V
  • Halogenic lighting for reversing
  • Beacon
  • Stop wedges
  • Folding back bumper
  • Back suspention
  • Tool box

Upon reguest:

  • Hydraulic suspended chassis
  • Back suspention with connecting elements for further trailer (aerial brakes, electric plug)
  • Hydraulic suspended axle
  • Tires Michelin 560/60 R 22,5 Cargo Xbid


  • Bowl body folding backwards with volume 20 m3

  • Conical shape 
  • Hydraulic lifting of tail board with hydraulic locking 
  • Inspection hole at front board
  • Back emptying sight hole
  • Outterladder in front board and steps inside the body 

Upon request:

  • Body extentions for silage and hilage transport of the height 600 mm (total body volume 28 m3)  
  • Automatic tarpaulin Cramero
  • Body floor made from material Hardox

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