- Header System



The Atlantis harvesting header system is the packing solution based on conventional / traditional harvesting systems, and can easily be used on fields with different planting concepts. The cutters can be assigned freely (within limits) to the different in-feed systems, and iceberg rows. The Atlantis header system itself can be operated in both harvesting directions, forward and reverse. The header is suitable for wheeled and tracked drive units. The foldable roof shields the workers against various weather conditions.

Harvesting widths are available from 4 up to 16 meters. Depending on the number of packing systems in the harvesting header, capacities between 2200 packs and 9900 packs per hour are achievable. Depending on the configuration, an average productivity of up to 360 heads per worker, per hour throughout the season is realistic. The ergonomically designed packing stations also contribute to these efficiencies.

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