- Live Bird Handling System



The ATLAS (Advanced Technology Live bird Arrival System) live bird handling system features a technologically advanced SmartStack module, consisting of a revolutionary loadable pallet with a variable number of trays (mostly three or four) on top of it. The SmartStack module not only gives high attention to animal welfare, but also increases efficiency considerably. Thanks to the ingenious design of this module, loading capacity can increase up to 38%, which means fewer truck movements and less CO2 emission. At the same time, more headroom is available per bird.


In the supply chain, handling remains animal-friendly all the time; during transport and in the plant the birds stay calmly in their spacious trays. ATLAS seamlessly integrates with CAS SmoothFlow stunning; trays are gently moved through the system.
Only after having lost consciousness, the broilers are shackled to enter the process.


As the trays and pallets don't have a frame nor any blind spots, they can be submitted to a thorough cleaning in the specifically conceived washing device. After that, pallets and trays are restacked to compose complete SmartStack modules again, ready for a next round.

The ATLAS system runs with the latest Marel user interface and connects with the Innova production control platform. This can be the starting point of a plant-wide tracking and tracing system.

  • Innovative modular module for transport flexibility 
  • The frameless SmartStack module consists of a pallet and a variable number of self-nesting trays
  • Flip-over side panels give all-round access to remove birds in distress
  • Pallet doubles as an additional tray
  • Venturi principle Airflo floor - optimum ventilation during transport in all climate zones
  • Large opening and clear tray floor speeds up automatic loading
  • DOAs can be spotted and removed at the start of the process
  • New design modular washer gets trays and pallets thoroughly clean
  • Automatic system control and tracking options by advanced easy-to-use software

  • Improved efficiency
  • Higher animal-welfare
  • Quicker, simpler loading on farm
  • Up to 38% more broilers per truck
  • Robust in-plant system for highest throughputs

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