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- Auto Plant Washer



The Auto Plant Washer is our newest addition to our product range. It is a simple and easy to use control, allowing the user to wash their parlour automatically. The Auto Plant Washer is the latest product produced by ATL. It has the capabilities to wash herringbone parlours saving time and labour costs of manual washing.


  • Each step fully editable
  • Program with unlimited steps
  • At the end of Wash - Milk/wash start and length available
  • Readings for the highest and lowest wash temperature
  • Readings for the minimum and maximum vacuum level
  • Single key press to start
  • Programmable wash timings
  • 9 different wash programs
  • Dedicated milk stone wash


  • Delivery hose connection error
  • Starburst LED display
  • Return water temperature
  • Electronic fuse detection with power supply failure warning
  • Wash trough water temperature

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