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- Model 3500 - Self Propelled Sprayer



ATOM 3500 is an industrial machine, specifically designed for the professional management of spraying activities in big orchards. ATOM 3500 has been purposely designed for big orchards: large tank capacity, powerful ventilation system with high efficiency, powerful transmission, superior drive comfort, reliability and strength ensuring thousands of hours of service day after day, season after season. ATOM 3500 drastically reduces the spray time, thanks to its great working autonomy, maneuverability and power of ventilation system. ATOM 3500 ensures the best drive comfort in all conditions: independent variable hydraulic suspensions on the chassis, independent pneumatic suspensions on the cab, large pneumatic seat. ATOM 3500 can work on very rough and heavy ground, tank to its transmission, active suspensions and high ground clearance. ATOM 3500 has a new big roomy cab with great visibility, automatic climate control, air filtering system against chemicals and dust.


  • FPT, diesel, 4 cylinders, turbo intercooler, max power 93 kW.


  • Full laser cut and galvanized.
  • High strength steel  AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steel).
  • Full belly protection.
  • Electrophoresis treatment and powder painting on the bumpers.
  • Steel roll-bar protection meeting  ROPS Standards.


  • On the chassis: independent hydraulic suspensions, adjustable machine height. From the cab it is possible to adjust machine height independently front and rear.
  • On the cab: independent pneumatic suspensions with shock absorbers.


  • Full stainless steel, electrophoresis treatment and powder painting.
  • Great volume, full visibility.
  • High drive position for max comfort.
  • Integrated periscope with back mirror.
  • Pressurized cab with filtered air.
  • New powerful automatic climate control.
  • All remote controls.
  • Adjustable steer wheel.
  • Full digital instrumentation, electronic LCD display for tank level and spray pressure.
    Joystick control complete with nozzles sections switches.
  • New large pneumatic seat.
  • Radio/CD/MP3/Bluetooth optional.


Air conveyor VAC® system last version allowing:

  • big air volumes
  • best penetration and even application on the total height of the vegetation
  • perfect  symmetry right and left 
  • great resistance to the drift
  • reduced waste
  • VAC reaches high values of efficiency, thus reducing the power absorbed
  • VAC blower has front suction, avoiding re-suction of mist, leaves, dust etc...


  • Total capacity 3550 liters.
  • Reinforced multi-layer fiberglass body with internal treatment.

Spray equipment

  • Diaphragm pump with brass heads and manifolds, 160/185/220 l/min, 50 bar.
  • Double or triple no-drip nozzles. Two, four or more nozzle sections.
  • Adjustable spray cone nozzles and liquid fertilizer jets.
  • Electric pressure regulator.
  • Possible application rates: from 100 up to 3000 liters/hectare.
  • Two tank mixture agitators, single and triple flow with volume over  600 liters/min, allowing a perfect and continuous agitation with very dense mixture.
  • Stainless steel chemicals pre-mixer.
  • Spray circuit rinse system. Hand washing tank.


  • 4 wheel drive and steer.
  • Hydraulic steer mode can be set in three positions: front steering wheels, four steering wheels, crab steer (four steering wheels in phase) allowing to drive on lateral slope or on slippery grounds.
  • Hydrostatic transmission, heavy duty type, with variable displacement motor and automatic displacement control.
  • Four speed ranges: 0-6 km/h | 0-10 km/h | 0-20 km/h | 0-35 km/h.
  • Differential axles, heavy duty type, with epicycloids gears on the wheels.
  • Blower's fan and spray pump mechanically driven by electromagnetic clutches.
  • Hydrostatic brake, emergency brake and parking brake.
  • Stainless steel fuel tank 160 liters capacity.
  • Stainless steel hydraulic oil tank.


  • Large floatation radial tires 425 55 R17.

Automatic controls

  • Computer for the automatic control of the spray rate.
  • GPS system.
  • Link  GPS/computer.
  • Radar for the speed control.

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