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Aubergines are grown year-round and come in different types. Rijk Zwaan has a broad base of productive varieties and fruits with an excellent shelf life. We also distinguish ourselves with a number of innovative products.

Various shapes
Our aubergine range consist of oval, round and cylindrical types alongside which we have also developed a number of specialities. Take for instance striped aubergines with very tasty white fruit flesh, and the Violetta type with its eye-catching streaked skin and white fruit flesh.

Perfect quality
Rijk Zwaan aubergines have a dark purple colour and a calyx that keeps its nice green colour once picked. We also strive for perfect internal and external quality of the fruit so that the consumer is not disappointed when it gets our aubergines home. An important point is shelf life: this is a strong point of Rijk Zwaan aubergines.

New market opportunities
Rijk Zwaan is always looking for new market opportunities: reliable and labour-friendly varieties, with the bar for productivity being raised higher and higher. But we also look for new products, new markets. A good example of this are striped aubergines, suitable for sales to interesting niche markets.

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