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- Model A2 Fuel™ - Increased Global Demand for Diesel Fuel


The world’s demand for diesel will increase from 24 million barrels per day in 2009 to 34 million barrels per day by the year 2030.* Increased demand is based primarily on key transport and industry uses as well as an increased affinity for diesel vehicles in developing countries. Our dependence on petroleum for fueling the transportation sector threatens energy security, affects our environment, and weakens economies. Biodiesel plays an important role in supplementing the world’s fossil fuel usage in a renewable way.


Our Unique Algae Platform
Combining scientific innovation and engineering efficiencies, Aurora’s algaeA2 Bio Fuel platform is the logical pathway to realistically priced biofuel. Our process is carbon-mitigating and non-competitive with agricultural resources, and capable of industrial yields with a minimal land requirement.

Our proprietary, all natural algae strains are cultivated to create a rich algal grain that can then be extracted into several primary products, each addressing growing markets: fuel, food, feed, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The platform simultaneously delivers biofuels (eg. diesel, jet fuel, etc.) essential fatty acids, and protein rich biomass for human, animal and aquaculture applications.

Renewable. Sustainable. Efficient.
Aurora Algae has optimized salt-water algae strains that thrive in open ponds, utilizing seawater rather than fresh water to conserve resources. Our algae grow outdoors in open ponds, harnessing the power of the sun which keeps our production costs low and our algae healthy.  We transform arid land, otherwise unusable for agriculture, into highly productive aquaculture farms.

Our algae consume the carbon dioxide from local emitters, eliminating the harmful gas from entering the atmosphere. With our carbon dioxide sourced at the production site, there are no additional emissions caused by transportation.

Unlike other crops that produce nearly as much waste as product, we maximize the use of our algae. While the majority of constituents find their way into high quality products, the remainder is recycled into nutrients.

Aurora Algae has also pioneered a unique, energy-efficient harvesting method, applying technology commonly used in the waste-water treatment industry rather than using a traditional centrifuge approach. These process improvements over traditional algae production, harvesting and extraction methods, combined with the company’s ability to take excess carbon dioxide from third-party industrial plants, will result in premium, low-cost and carbon-neutral to carbon-negative products.

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