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Our algae provide a more complete source of allergy free protein, grown more efficiently than any other source. A2 Protein™ is derived from our aqua crops and serve the explosive health, weight management, and sports markets with increasing demand for natural, sustainable alternatives to supplement the need of a protein rich diet.


By Leaps and Bounds
The world’s population is set to increase dramatically over the next several decades. According to the OECD growth projections, we will need to increase our protein production 70% by 2050; an unrealistic target given the earth’s current capacity and requirements for traditional agriculture.  Aurora’s algae platform creates a new, renewable, sustainable source of protein-rich food that can be consumed directly or fed to the animals and fish we enjoy.

Proteins are the building blocks of life providing energy and fuel to grow our bodies. Nutritionists continue to increase the intakes recommended for each stage of life, recognizing how proteins serve the body differently from infancy into our later years. Proteins help to create a healthy growing body, but just as important, they are essential to maintaining the muscle mass that allows us to perform our everyday tasks.

Protein sources consist of many different amino acids, classified as essential and non essential.  A2 Protein offers all of the essential amino acids, making it a complete source of protein. A2 Protein is derived from a 100% vegetarian source, is allergy free and cultivated in the most sustainable way.  The unique nature of our algae platform allows us to scale to meet customer and market needs. Whether as a renewable addition to an animal protein diet, or as a basis for a vegetarian diet our algae provide nutrition to grow on.

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