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Model Auto-ID - Feed Controllers



The Davlec in-parlour auto-id system provides a cost effective solution to automatic parlour feeding without compromising on quality and reliability.

All the features from our Multi-C1 controller:

  • 12 volt D.C. transformer for electronics included.
  • 9999 Cow record capacity.
  • Feeds up to 40 stalls per side.
  • Feed both sides simultaneously.
  • Automatic identification control.
  • Automatic single shot enticement.
  • Individual stall calibration.
  • Manual batch feed.
  • Feed at once with Quick-Feed feature.

Typical cost for up to a 10 stall-a-side herringbone is £4040.00*

Typical cost for up to a 20 stall-a-side herringbone is £6517.00*

Typical cost for up to a 30 stall-a-side herringbone is £8995.00*

The above costs include the Multi-C1 display, Feeder Relay Box, RF Unit, Stall Multiplexers, Stall Antenna and Tuners. Costs do not include cable, trunking, feed dispensers and feed dispenser transformer.

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