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Auto Start system



Don’t let frost take you by surprise and rob you of a profitable harvest. Orchard-Rite’s Auto-Start™ system will give you Pure Protection. Orchard-Rite pioneered auto-start technology in the late 1990s, giving growers around the world the assurance that their crops would be protected automatically. In fact, many growers have had their machines come on when they didn’t think there was a frost. Pre-setting start and stop temperatures not only gives you peace of mind, it also reduces fuel and labor costs.

Orchard-Rite’s Auto-Start is the most dependable system on the market today. The Auto-Start is available as an option on all new Orchard-Rite® wind machine models. The system can also be retrofitted to most makes and models of wind machines.

A probe located inside of the protection area continuously measures the ambient temperature in the orchard or growing field. When the temperature drops to a pre-set level, a safety alarm sounds before the system starts the wind machine. When the temperature rises to the pre-set shutdown temperature, the system automatically shuts down the wind machine.

Contact your dealer to learn how the Auto-Start system can give you the Pure Protection your crops deserve.

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