- Model DGPS AutoSteer - Two, Four and Twelve Inch Steering


DGPS Steering delivers 4-inch accuracy for tillage, spraying, spreading, and harvesting in broadcast crop operations. Decreases wide implement overlap to 4 inches. Eliminates foam markers and lightbars. Speeds field work by extending hours of operation. Reduces driver fatigue.

  • Fits Any Brand
    • Works on most makes and models of tractors, sprayers, spreaders, and combines.
  • Easy to Operate
    • The unique AutoFarm touchscreen is simple to use, bilingual, and sunlight readable. Industrial grade, ruggedized, easy to use monitor. It's as easy to use as an ATM machine. 'In fact many customers tell us this system is so intuitive that they didn't need a manual to operate it.'
  • Upgradeable
    • Shares many common components with the sub-inch accurate AutoSteer™ RTK GPS Steering System. When customers are ready for RTK accuracy and repeatability, AutoFarm provides an easy, on-site upgrade.
  • Superior Performance
    • Uses the patented AutoFarm multi-antenna system to measure rolling, pitching, and crabbing, for steering corrections that produce unmatched accuracy - even on hills and difficult terrain 'without the hassle associated with gyros.'
    • This system is field proven to work at speeds as low as 0.10 MPH up to speeds of 25 MPH and it can be moved from unit to unit in as little as 15 minutes without any special tools.
    • The AutoFarm DGPS autosteer can be used with third party receivers and is easily field upgraded to RTK accuracy.

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