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Autofog Controller

The AutoFog controller measures air temperature and relative humidity and uses this information to intelligently control the fogging in a greenhouse or grow room. The fog may be produced by any means including high pressure fogging system, low pressure misters or a spinning disk fogging fan.  Fogging may be used to cool the growing environment and also to humidify it in dry weather.  In very humid, warm weather the fan may be allowed to run but fogging will be inhibited.  The grower has full control over all of these functions.

Picture showing the Autofog controller connected to an aspirated screen that measures temperature, RH and solar radiation

  • High pressure foggers (6 zones)
  • Low pressure foggers (6 zones)
  • Fan Foggers
  • PC interface to Compugrow software

The fan-fogger may thus run on its own as a simple stirring fan or may be joined by the spinning disk whilst the water is pulsed on/off to produce puffs of fog.  The interval time between  puffs is set by the grower as is the minimum and maximum ON times.  The controller then adjusts the puff size over this range proportionally to the temperature/ humidity error that it is trying to correct.

For the pump and solenoid fogger, one output may be used to operate a stir fan, one to switch on a pump and the other outputs may be used to operate from one to six zone solenoid valves.  In a similar way, the pressure fogging system may operate a stir fan in addition to the variable sized puffs of fog as described above.

The AutoFog has also supports the optional CompuGrow software and PC interface that allows all readings and setting to be accessed remotely from the PC which may be located up to 1000m away.  In addition, temperature, humidity and optionally solar irradiance may be logged to the PC and viewed graphically.

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