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Automated Drip Watering Systems for Commercial Tree Growers



Trees are required to be watered regularly to avoid drought stress.  This has an impact on reduction in fruit size and stunted growth especially in young trees. If the water status of the plant is severely deficient the leaves will wilt, curl and sunburn having an adverse effect on the tree life and its selling potential.  It is equally as dangerous to the health of the tree if it is over watered.

To offer a solution to this we use our time tested drip irrigation systems to each individual tree which takes away the risk of under or over watering.  Watering little and often cuts down on evapotranspiration which is the amount of water evaporating off the soil surface.

Most tree irrigation systems are primarily dependent on how big the tree is and if it is grown in soil, a planting bag or a heavy duty container.  Drip irrigation is the preferred method, as it works for range of various sized trees with a root ball from 5 litres up to 2000 litres.  By varying the amount of water applied to the tree, it means you have complete control based on specific requirements.

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