Automated Food Device (AFD)


In situations where there is no or limited food availal the water, bivalves will suffer from starvation, mussels will not always have their shells open. This hampered proper application of the MOSSELMONITOR in e.g. ground- or drinking water. This problem was solved by continuous feeding of the mussels with an algal suspension, produced in this device. The algae cultivated in theAFD are planktonic and unicellular. Nutrients, trace elements,C02andlight are the key elements necessary for algal growth. In the AFDalgae (e.g. Chlorella sp.)are cultivated to a high density by a chemostat lag-phase approach. Nutrientsare continuously added, the algal suspension is offered as food for the bivalves ini the MOSSELMONITOR. With this continuous supply of food mussels keep their shells open (even in drinking water).

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