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Automatic Auger Feed Systems



The AUTOMATIC AUGER FEED SYSTEM allows complete flexibility of layout. Each system can be tailor-made to suit individual requirements of the farming or agricultural site. The feed automatically stops when the pressure cut-off switch is activated on the last feed outlet pipe, eradicating any wastage.

Key Benefits of Livestock Feeding Systems:
  • Low Cost
  • Low HP motor drive
  • Outlets where required
  • Complete flexibility of layout and installation
Instructions for choosing an Automatic Auger

Please refer to our illustrated guides when selecting parts and accessories:

  • When selecting the motor power required, ascertain the overall length of the auger run.
  • For each right angle corner in the system allow an additional 15 ft., and for an inclined auger at 45° allow 1.5 times the actual length of this section.
  • A vertical auger should be regarded as twice its actual length. For lengths longer than indicated, two augers with separate drives and closed connectors should be used.


The 114mm (4 1/2in) diameter is designed principally for the dairy parlour, conveying material up to 12mm (1/2in) square with a throughput of some 4.25 cu.m/hour (150cu.ft/hour) or 5.66 cu.m/hour (200 cu.ft/hour) with meal or crumbs.

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