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Automatic Bins Trailer


The automatic trailer makes the harvesting system of the TECNOFRUIT really complete: there are five hydraulic functions: the transport of the empty fruit containers on the upper part of the trailer by means of chains, lifting the empty fruit containers, moving the full fruit containers to the lower part of the trailer, offloading the full containers to the ground and hydraulic steering.

Controls provided on the driver’s side of the vehicle allow the quick replacement of a full container with an empty one. The trailer can carry up to 16 empty containers and up to 3 full containers. Moreover, the hydraulic steering of the rear wheels of the trailer allow it to follow exactly the trail of the fruit picking machine and have a relatively small turning circle.

The assisted changing of containers makes the job of the operator easier: it’s not tiring, it’s not dangerous and a changing time of under 20 seconds per container is possible.

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