Automatic Demoulding Cranes



Often, the pace-setter in a concrete pipe factory is the man either driving the pipe cart or operating the overhead stripping crane. A plant’s productivity and efficiency is in the hands of one man – a man who can become ill, take a vacation, quit his job, etc. Whether the machine is a self-stripping machine like a Mastermatic or a KastMaster, or is a crane-stripping machine like a PipePro or a packerhead, HawkeyePedershaab can offer automatic and reliable solutions for moving the fresh concrete pipes from the machine to the curing area. This is often the most critical piece of automation in the factory, ensuring the plant’s efficiency and productivity remains at the highest levels, day after day.

  • Eliminates costly plant labor and ensures consistent machine cycle times
  • Increases plant safety by keeping human personnel at a distance from the operation
  • Soft, computer-controlled motions to prevent product damage
  • Adaptable to both moving floor and open floor plant layouts

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