Automatic Feeding Systems



This complete feeding system ''JEANTIL Automatic Feeding'' includes the preparation of forages, a mixing unit, the preparation of rations and the distribution of these rations to the animals thanks to a self propelled robot. All kinds of forage (grass silage, maize silage, hay and different supplements, flours and granules) are treated at the beginning of the feeding line, composed with elements from standard livestock equipment. The moving robot distributes and scrapes while in the meantime the storage/mixing unit treats all kinds of forage. It is possible to add extra units to the installation according to the needs in preparation and supply of the robot.

The distribution robot JEANTIL Automatic Feeding is a highly flexible installation, composed of:

  • a unit preparing the mixtures;
  • a control device developped for the user;
  • an autonomous robot, which can distribute rations along the feeding alleys, once loaded by the conveyor.

  • An autonomous distribution
  • A complete supervision software for the installation: total control on all the distributions.
  • Autonomous scraping which frees the farmer from this tedious task.

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