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Automatic Growing Gutter System



The production area is optimized and the production is increased in numbers of harvested units. Thereby the expenses for energy and salaries per harvested unit is reduced, meanwhile the production is increased.So if you want to buy a Lettuce System or a Herbs System etc., we are ready to deliver a quality product for a competitive Price.Contact us for a price and an estimated yield per day on a system installed in your qreenhouse.

We offer special gutter systems for:

  • Automatic Gutter Systems for Lettuce Growing
  • Automatic Gutter Systems for Herbs Growing
  • Automatic Gutter Systems for Flower Growing
  • Automatic Gutter Systems for Pot Plants Growing

  • Optimize production area with up to 30%
  • Reduce production cost with up to 35%
  • Efficient internal transport
  • Adjustable distances between the gutters
  • The system automatically adjusts concurrently with the growth of the crop
  • Lettuce/salad growing system
  • Herbs growing system
  • Pot plants growing system

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