Automation / Mechanization / Fertilization System



In contrast to most greenhouse operations, the Floating Rafts system allow the produce to move smoothly from seeding to harvest, while workers stay at their work station, well equipped to perform their work under the best conditions. No more bended back working in difficult conditions and lost time looking for the ripe produce; the crop is coming on time at the right spot, ready to be processed.

Flotation is used to perform most of the movement, eliminating the maintenance costs associated with mechanical conveyors. Specially developed equipment facilitates the processing at different growing stages: Seeding, Transplantation, Harvest, Packaging, Cooling and Shipping.

The end result is an efficient process performed by a reduced crew: from 5 to 15 people per hectare depending on product grown, type of packaging and level of mechanization.

Harvest Winch
Lettuces/Baby Leaf

Pull out floating rafts from production pool.

Harvest Conveyor
Lettuces/Baby Leaf

Motorized cables conveyor to transport production to harvest line.

Harvest Line

Complete Harvest Line. Product Treatment and Packaging.

Packaging Machine

Lettuce Bag Sealing Machine.

Single Element Fertilization Unit
Lettuces/Baby Leaf

Make it possible to design individual fertilization recipes adapted to exact plants needs.

Box Closing Machine
Lettuces/Baby Leaf

Close lettuce box and insert staples.

Washing Machine
Lettuces/Baby Leaf

Clean and disinfect production floating rafts

Baby Leaf Seeding Unit
Baby Leaf

Fully automated seeding unit for baby leaf special floating rafts

Baby Leaf Harvest Unit
Baby Leaf

Fully automated harvesting unit for baby leaf special floating rafts

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