Arcusin S.A

- Model MT - Shaker


Shaker for the collection of all types of nuts and olives

The best work partner

  • Breaking established moulds as a system for picking olives and nuts
  • A single operator with a tractor is all that is needed to produce high yields.
  • For the maximum pick at the minimum cost. The fruit is left clean, undamaged and ready for sale or subsequent processing.
  • Specially adapted to reach even the most inaccessible branches, the machine can also be used with poorly developed trunks, without any risk of damage.
  • Can be used to harvest both olives and all types of nuts.
  • Can be adapted to all types of terrain and all kinds of orchard.
  • Optional “inverted umbrella” kit.

Shaking head and clamp

This is the part of the machine that must silently transmit the vibrations that shake the tree, providing an alternative linear vibration.

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