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- Flour Mill Control System


AutoPilot4Flour is complete control system designed specifically for flour mills. Due to its scalability it makes an attractive and economical solution for the automatic  control of a flour mill. Its advanced design ensures a reliable, accurate and cost effective solution that is flexible and future proof.

Key benefits:-

  • Simple intuitive operation
  • Proven reliability
  • Improve accuracy and quality
  • Reduce operator workload
  • Prevent mistakes
  • Comprehensive reporting and management tools


  • Process is displayed in a clear and easy to interpret colour graphics mimic.
  • Structured menu system gives simple access to all options. Options are password level protected and fully user configurable.
  • Advanced accurate and optimising control.
  • Operators are alerted of problems via alarms in the alarms window.
  • Plant equipment may be manually operated from the mimic using AutoPilot4Flour's unique poke point system.
  • Long term logging of production, alarms, audits and all operator actions.

Fundamental Concepts

DSL's AutoPilot4Flour design is simple. It centres around one or more standard PCs running Windows 7 Pro or Server 2008 (for larger systems) operating systems in real time mode. One or more PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) provide interfacing to the plant.There are no special modules nor purpose built parts. The AutoPilot4Flour software is a standard package that can be configured as required for each plant. All configuration options are accessible to advanced users (with password access).

Robust and Reliable

AutoPilot4Flour is now well proven with many installations worldwide since 1996. The software is designed using configurable elements ensuring that all base software has already been proven. Little or no bespoke software needs to be used.

Operators are prevented from accessing the Windows operating system or advanced options using the password protected menu system.

In the unlikely event of a serious fault most installations have a second PC which is configured as a standby to the main PC. Normal use of this PC can provide a second operator station or a PC for the manager.

Operator Friendly

DSL Systems has taken great care to ensure that AutoPilot4Flour is simple to operateand users are provided with clear graphics indicating the exact state of the plant. Clicking on the screen with the cursor gives the operator access to the most commonly used functions.

Front to back control

AutoPilot4Flour may be configured to control the following areas of a typical flour mill:-

  • Weighbridge
  • Intake
  • Cleaning
  • Tempering
  • Wheat blending
  • Mill control and monitoring
  • Outloading
  • Packing
  • Warehouse stock tracking

Logging and Stock Control

AutoPilot4Flour has extensive loggingand stock control features.All data is archived on the system for up to 3 years.Standard reporting systems allow all data to be easily viewed and printed. Each system is supplied with Crystal Reports to allow customised reports to be produced.

Hand Held PDA

  • DSL's wireless Hand Held PDA (Pocket PC) provides a method of accessing AutoPilot4Flour whilst moving around the mill.
  • Standard functions allow production to be monitored, alarms acknowledged, viewing stocks and overriding items.

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