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The Humidity Master is an advanced sprinkler controller for cooling dairy cows. High humidity and sprinklers are no problem with the Humidity Master. The Humidity Master is the perfect sprinkler control for tiestall barn sprinkler systems. It intelligently controls the amount of water as the humidity rises.

The Humidity Master was developed to meet the needs of tiestall barn sprinkler systems. To have a sucessfully sprinkler installation in a tiestall barn , the amount of water being sprayed must be precisely controlled. By precisly controlling the sprinkler system you can keep the stalls dry.

This advanced controller automatically adjusts the spray and dryoff times with regards to temperature and humidity. As the temperature rises the Humidity Master increases the amount of water being sprayed on the cows. This helps keep the cows cooler as the temperature rises. When the humidity begins to rise the evaporation capacity of the air is diminished. To compensate for the reduced evaporation, the Humidity Master automatically begins to reduce the amount of water being sprayed on the cows. By reducing the water with humidity, your stall beds should remain dry.

The Humidity Master controlls four separate zones. Each zone takes turns spraying water.

I have a tie stall barn, how does the water get onto the cows?

In tiestall barns the nozzle layout is different from freestall barn feed bunk sprinklers. Each cow has her own nozzle placed obove her back. The nozzle is pointed straight down  towards her back.  See the typical installation diagram below.

Cooling your cows pays by increased milk production and better reproduction The payback from cooling cows can be in just one summer. A typical system costs four thousand installed*  for a 100 cow cow barn. If you have an increase of  of 3 lbs for 90 days at $'15.00 cwt (100 cows) your increased milk will have covered the system.  The reproduction benefits will also contribute to your bottom line.

What PSI is the system using?

The typical system uses 15-20 PSI. There are no booster pumps or little nozzles.

Freestall barn advantages.

The Humidity Master can reduce the amount of water used in your facility. There are integrated timers in the which you activate when no cows are in the pen. That zone will not spray again until the time has elapsed. This keeps water from being wasted when the cows are being milked.

Circulating fan control

The Humidity Master has an optional fan board which controls 4 circulating fan circuits.  The fans can automatically turn off when water is being sprayed.

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