Agricultural industry Equipment available in Newfoundland

  • BOSS products - Model HTX - V-Plows and Straight Blades

    Our full line of HTX plows brings all the power and innovation of BOSS V-plows and Straight-Blades to your light-duty truck. With today’s contractor and homeowner in mind, BOSS has engineered the HTX line for today’s lighter-duty and half-ton trucks by putting just the right amount of steel in exactly the right place for the best ...

    By BOSS Products based in Iron Mountain, MICHIGAN (USA). from UTV/ATV Plows Product line

  • Streamline - Durable Stainless Steel Dispenser

    Durable, stainless steel dispenser for accurate dilution control. Solutions dispensed through Hydro Systems’ Streamline Series are automatically diluted to the proportion called for by the concentrate manufacturer. If you need a durable dispenser that can handle a demanding environment, Streamline is the best choice for you.

    By Hydro Systems Company - a Dover Company based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Dairy Farm Product line

  • Sooner - Model SR 720, 724, 728 - Gooseneck Livestock Trailer

    The most popular Sooner stock trailers, the 7' wide Sooner Ranch models are a durable and premium option for hauling your cattle around your land, to market or anywhere in between. Available in multiple lengths and heights, these models come standard with many of today's most popular features and are fully customizable.

    By Sooner Trailers based in El Reno, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Livestock Trailers - Gooseneck Product line

  • Model 30 & PN 50 - Grain Cleaners

    Grain cleaners efficient, economic and compact. Connection accessories on augers and elevators. Deportable galvanised cyclone for dust collection outlet.

    By SKIOLD – ACEMO based in Pontivy Cedex, FRANCE. from Grain Product line

  • AXERA - Model H EMC - Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader

    Compact frame with reduced overhang (53cm) - High flow rate (more than 400 kg/min) for a high work output - Capacity increased simply by adding an extension (from 1100 to 3200 liters - Integral stainless steel guard surrounding the discs - Quick-fit discs - Hard coated pallets - D.F.C graduated quadrant with graduation proportional to the ...

    By KUHN S.A. based in Saverne, FRANCE. from Fertiliser Spreaders- Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader Product line

  • Varifan - Model ECS-C Series - Controllers

    The ECS-C series of controllers combines the well known user-friendly and feature rich design of the popular ECS-M series with the latest in electronic technology.  The ECS-C series is designed to accurately control the climate of a room by monitoring the temperature and operating equipment such as fan

    By Monitrol Inc. based in Boucherville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Varifan Controllers Product line

  • Fittings for On-line Drippers

    Straight labyrinth pick. 70º labyrinth pick. Microtube pick (hydroponics). Microtube offtake connector. Extendable multi-outlet 2E.

    By Sistema Azud, S.A. based in Alcantarilla, SPAIN. from Irrigation Drip Emitters - On-line Drip Emitters Product line

  • Aer-Flo - Weed Booms

    Helps protect waterways from undesirable VEGETATION and unsightly DEBRIS. Combines the latest technologies in floating booms and hydro-weed containment to help control plants that spread by fragmentation, including: Hydrilla, Hyacinth, Eurasian Watermilfoil.

    By Aer-Flo, Inc. based in Bradenton, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Calf Hutch

    Arntjen Calf Hutch: the alternative way of raising calves:

    By Arntjen Germany GmbH based in Rastede, GERMANY.

  • Fertilizer

    Fertilizer is a cornerstone of our business and has been for well over 100 years. Our products help you improve your production by restoring nutrients to your soil. That makes your fields more productive, and ultimately, helps feed the world.

    By Crop Production Services (CPS) based in Loveland,, COLORADO (USA).

  • Model NRG-N - High Liquid Fertilizers

    Although it has been in the market for over 20 years, High NRG-N is considered to be one of newest and most effective direct application nitrogen sources in the industry. High NRG-N is an advanced formulation of known chlorophyll building elements, of which Nitrogen is the largest. High NRG-N is produced using multi-forms of nitrogen, sulfur, and ...

    By Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers based in St. Johns, MICHIGAN (USA). from Nitrogen Management - N-Suite Product line

  • Model E - Pre-Cleaning Machine

    Economic Pre-Cleaning system is designed to seperate dust, trash and piece form grain.Grains entered in system, are stored by cleaning with screen depending on grains size. Cylindrical screens are generally used fort he purpose of rough cleaning. Besides; it is useful for classifying products before entering the mill.Cylindirical screens may be ...

    By Mysilo Grain Storage System based in AKSARAY, TURKEY. from Grain Cleaning Machines Product line

  • Li`L Perk - Soil Amendment Product

    Four Star Services, Inc. offers a soil amendment product to meet the needs of the homeowner (a.k.a. Do-It-Yourselfer). Li'L Perk Soil Treatment quickly softens hard, compacted soil, makes digging and tilling easier, and improves water infiltration and drainage. Incorporate Li'L Perk with lawn and garden herbicides or pesticides to elminate the ...

    By Four Star Services, Inc. based in Bluffton, INDIANA (USA).

  • NECi - Model E-GP - Garlic Press

    Plant Sample Prep Made Easy; Features : Aluminum, Includes Cleaning Tool.Suggested for use with our:Plant Nitrate Test Kit Green Forage Nitrate Test Kit

    By NECi Superior Enzymes based in Lake Linden, MICHIGAN (USA). from Equipment and Supplies Product line

  • Heat Treatment

    The European Union is driving new standards to ensure a high level of human health and consumer protection. The food safety policy is based on a comprehensive, integrated approach. This means that through out the food chain, from Farm to Table, across all food sectors, food safety must be on your mind.

    By CPM Europe BV based in Zaandam, NETHERLANDS.

  • Triactor - White Oat

    Growing Zone: Suited to all oat-growing zones. Yield: 113% of check* in MB,115% of check** in SK, and 109%*** of check in AB (2011 Provincial Seed Guides). Maturity: Similar to checks, AC Morgan, CDC Dancer and Ronald. Lodging: Very good resistance. Quality:Good kernel characteristics – similar to checks. Higher % plump vs. Ronald. TKW ...

    By Canterra Seeds based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Cereals Product line

  • Mega Plus - Model MPVS-3500 - Vibration Sorter

    Low noise occurrence due to narrow vibration width. Sole vibration of vlbratlonnet allows no mechanical stress on the machine. No leftover of fractured grains on the vlbratlonnet, allowing reduced working hours for cleaning. Grain supplying device allows equal distribution of grains for higher sorting ability. No loss of grains with properly sized ...

    By RICE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. based in Daegu, SOUTH KOREA.

  • Model 7614F - PTO Grain Vacs

    614F fully-equipped grain vac for a substantial discount. It comes with a PTO, 36 feet of hose, a nozzle and a bin clean-up package. THE ALL NEW 7614F - Unbeatable Price & Performance! F is for Function, Walinga doesn’t build ‘cheap’ and reengineering a legend doesn’t equal compromise. Ruthlessly focused on performance ...

    By Walinga Inc. based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA). from PTO Grain Vacs Product line

  • Model Manager Series - Modular Controllers

    The whole of the feeding operation is automatically handled by a system of modular controllers that make up theManager Series. These are dedicated to specific tasks and designed forALLfarm staff to operate. TheManager Seriesconsists of four separate controllers that are designed to cover every pig feeding task, from dry sows and boars, to ...

    By Hampshire Feeding Systems based in Bridgnorth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Equipment- - Preparation and Distribution Equipment Product line

  • Perten - Falling Number Sprout Damage Detection Analyzer

    The Falling Number® System measures the alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grains and flour to detect sprout damage, optimise flour enzyme activity and guarantee soundness of traded grain. Alpha-amylase activity is crucial for final product quality of bread, pasta, noodles and malt. Anyone handling wheat, barley, rye or sorghum intended for ...

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