Agricultural industry Equipment available in Faroe Islands

  • Steel Wire / Synthetic Fibre Rope

    At present conventional steel wire is preferred for deepwater deployments. Its properties and performance are well know and there are a clear set of standards and guides for steel wire’s use in offshore applications. In addition, it has good over-sheave fatigue resistance, heat and cut tolerance. However, as the water depth increases, the ...

    By Caley Ocean Systems based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Offshore Handling Product line

  • Bandit Xpress - Self Propelled Harvest Assist Platform

    The Bandit Xpress is a self-propelled harvest assist and platform machine all in one. As a platform growers can effectively use the machine for the process of pruning, tying, fruit and blossom thinning, and any other tree maintenance activates required. The Bandit Xpress Platform can improve your efficiency, cost and productivity. It can operate ...

    By Automated Ag based in Moses Lake, WASHINGTON (USA). from Platforms Product line

  • Spreadwise - Industrial Hose Reeler

    Industrial Hose Reelers - Available in 4 sizes, 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 reels. Spreadwise Industrial Reelers features the unique individual drive system allowing each hose spool to be operated independently, reducing the load on the drive mechanism and allowing precise control of hose layout and retraction. Reeler chassis in heavy gauge box section, with ...

    By Spreadwise Limited based in Worleston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hose Reelers Product line

  • Protix PUREEX™ - Fresh Puree

    Protix PureeX™ is a true innovation in the insect ingredient business: a new, hypoallergenic, fresh ingredient that can be used as base for wet pet food. In PureeX™, all the best qualities of insects are combined. Because our insects arc processed fresh, all macro- and micronutrients stay intact and contribute to high digestibility and ...

    By Protix based in Dongen, NETHERLANDS.

  • Digital Color Imaging Camera

    Standard digital color imaging can be applied to extract visible traits. Over time, RGB images can capture a large range of parameters linked to plant growth and development. Furthermore, they can provide measurements of plant morphology and architecture and contain color information. In general, industrial high performance cameras with a Gbit ...

    By SMO bvba - WIWAM based in Eeklo, BELGIUM. from Camera Systems for Plant Imaging Product line

  • Composting

    The process of composting consists of the biodegradation of organic waste undertaken in controlled aerobic conditions which turn it into valuable fertilizer for earth. The efficiency of the process depends on the proper control of the quantity of oxygen, the temperature, the humidity, the movement of the materials, the organic material ...

    By Ros Roca Environment based in Tárrega, SPAIN. from Waste Treatment Product line

  • Echo - Model SRM-2620U - Brush Cutters

    25.4 cc professional-grade two-stroke engine manufactured from military-grade magnesium. Two-stage air filtration system dramatically increases cleaning capability and allows for longer mainenance intervals. Tool-less access for convenient in-field servicing. Easy start-ability especially for re-starts in hot, dusty climates. Large 21 fluid ounce ...

    By Echo Incorporated based in Lake Zurich, ILLINOIS (USA). from Brushcutters Product line

  • Broadmoor - Lawn Tractor

    The Simplicity Broadmoor answers this question with a definite 'YES!' With the unique Free Floating Mower Deck, rear suspension (select models) and breathable ergonomic mesh tractor seat, mowing the lawn will never feel like yard work.

    By Simplicity based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Lawn Tractors Product line

  • Model CL-5000 - Ventilation Controls Cattle Computer

    As the CL-5000 features virtually all possible ventilation controls that occur in modern cattle farming, it enables you to constantly monitor and control the climate in the animal house. The cattle computer has one ventilation group and eight curtain controls. These controls can be programmed individually and are linked to different ...

    By Stienen Bedrijfselektronica B.V. based in Nederweert, NETHERLANDS. from Natural Stall Ventilation Product line

  • Feeding Fence for Cows – 6M

    The fence is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel, it’s suitable for feeding cows and calves.

    By LIMK Ltd. based in Gabrovo, BULGARIA.

  • Model WEM4000 - Receiving Control System

    This WEM4000 Receiving Control System accepts orders from a purchase order system, locally entered purchases or entry of orders “on the fly” by the truck driver using automatic identification.

    By WEM Automation LLC based in New Berlin, WISCONSIN (USA). from Feed & Grain Product line

  • Panorama Classic - Fish Bone Type Milking Parlours

    This type of milking parlour is the most popular of all solutions used in our country. This is not without reason. This solution is popular because of the simplicity of the system, low cost and small area occupied per one cow. With this solution, the milker has not only a quick access to the cow's udders but also has a comfortable and safe working ...

    By POLANES Solutions based in Bydgoszcz, POLAND. from Milking Parlours Product line

  • Isochrysis for Aquaculture

    Taxonomy: Isochrysis is a golden marine phytoflagellate classified as: Prymnesiophyta (Phylum); Prymnesiophyceae (Class); Isochrysidales (Order); Isochrysidaceae (Family); Isochrysis (Genus). Morphology: Cells are spherical with a ranging size from 3 to 6 µm.

    By Necton SA based in Olhão, PORTUGAL.

  • Model SSH 30/ACO 9810 - Air Pumps

    The SSH 30/ACO 9810 ensures contamination-free pumping through its oil-free design. With a high output, the SSH 30/ACO 9810 is ideal for running several processes in both hydroponic systems and large ponds.

    By Blue Diamond Pumps Inc. based in Buford, GEORGIA (US) (USA).

  • Farm King - Cultivators

    Farm King cultivators, chisel plows, and chisel cultivators feature a full floating hitch to maintain a constant working depth. Available with trip force of 350, 550, 600 and 650 lb (159, 250, 272, 295 kg) and in working widths from 28' to 60' (8.5 m to 18.3 m) there is a Farm King cultivator to meet the needs of every operation.

    By Farm King based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Tillage Product line

  • Classic - Thinwall Dripline

    Ideal applications include subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) and on-surface irrigation of crops such as corn, cotton, alfalfa, tomatoes, peppers, melons, and onions.

    By Eurodrip U.S.A., Inc based in Madera, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Dripline - Thinwall Dripline Product line

  • Breeder Pan Feeding System

    This breeder pan feeding system meets particular requirements of breeder management ideally.Only by restricted feeding of hens can both uniform physical and sexual development of birds during rearing and high long lasting reproductive capacity during the production period be achieved. It is an ideal choose of poultry management, which combines ...

    By Georgia Poultry Supply LLC based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Poultry Feeding System Product line

  • TimberJig - Big Saw Mill

    Have you ever dreamed of being able to cut your own lumber, but not have the land or resources to do it? This little mill can have you cutting lumber quickly and simply. Like all Logosol products, this device features simplistic, rugged, and quality design. First advantage is that it attaches to the same two bolts that hold the chain bar to the ...

    By Logosol UK based in Aylesbury, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sawmills Product line

  • Optimum - Seed Enhancement Mineral Product

    Optimum seed enhancement product is based on the principle of increasing the seeds ability of taking up micro elements easier. Seeds require mineral elements for further growth which is obtained from the soil; the elements are not very soluble and are difficult to be taken in by the seed/root systems. Two major factors for solubility of micro ...

    By Ad Terram BV based in CJ Andijk, NETHERLANDS. from Optimum Product line

  • Samon - Rotating Bar Harvester

    The rotating bar harvester comes standard with a mechanical drive, rotating harvesting bar and feed roller. Thanks to a 40mm quadrangular harvesting bar, the machine creates significantly less soil disturbance, while ensuring efficient harvesting in wet weather conditions.

    By Samon Machine / Ellens Landbouwtechniek BV based in Nagele, NETHERLANDS. from Onion Harvesters Product line

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