Agricultural industry Equipment available in Faroe Islands

  • Whitefish Harvesting & Processing Plant

    Ocean Farming AS, a subsidiary of the SalMar Group, was established to develop an offshore fish farming capability. Through the development and implementation of new technologies  and the build-up of operational experience, Ocean Farming will acquire the specialist expertise needed for this next generation of fish farming facilities to ...

    By SalMar ASA based in Kverva, NORWAY.

  • BiOWiSH - Crop Liquid

    Coats fertilizers or fertilizer fillers for fertilizer enhancement. BiOWiSHTM Crop Liquid is impregnated or coated onto a wide range of fertilizers or fertilizer fillers to create an enhanced efficiency fertilizer. This product is for dry blend or granular fertilizer field applications.

    By BiOWiSH Technologies based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Bac-Pack - Model AG - Beneficial Rhizobacteria Seed / Root Inoculant

    Bac-Pack AG is an all-natural microbial inoculum that improves plant health and vigor through a symbiosis with plant roots. Bac-Pack AG liquid consists of selected bacteria strains that colonize plant root systems. The symbiotic bacteria in Bac-Pack AG produce substances that are utilized by the plant for increased vigor and resistance to damage ...

    By Soil Technologies Corporation based in Fairfield, IOWA (USA). from Agricultural- Soil & Root Inoculants Product line

  • MMJM Series Rice Grading Machine

    MMJM Series Rice Grading Machine IntroductionMMJM series rice grading machine is used for dividing milled rice into different classes, also can apply for dividing other particles. When the machine is working, which will bring out three pathway, that’s ellipse trail in feeding part, circular trail in medium section and line trail in discharging ...

    By Zhengzhou Whirlston Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Vulcan - Model T-403 - Single Point Logging Scale System - V300 Electronics

    The Vulcan single point logging scale system for folding pole trailers and 4-bolster / plantation style trucks and trailers uses proven technology to give you the reliability and accuracy you expect. Vulcan fifth wheel load cells, and L03 single point load cells are the industry standard for scaling tractors with single point suspension trailers. ...

    By Vulcan On-Board Scales based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA). from On-board Weighing Systems for the Timber Industry Product line

  • AGRAS - Model SC/ND 3195 - Self Compensating and Self-Cleaning Dripper

    Self-Compensating and self-cleaning dripper with No-Drain system. Placed directly onto ΡΕ pipe 12 – 32 mm or at the end of pipe 6mm. The outlet of the dripper can be connected with micro-tube dripper hose 3,2mm or distribution manifold. Dripper operates when pressure is > 0,5 bar and seals when pressure is < 0,3 bar.

    By Palaplast based in Sindos, GREECE. from Irrigation Fittings - Drippers Product line

  • Efficient Drive Systems for Greenhouse Shading and Ventilation

    TGU provides long lasting, space saving drives for roll-up screens and horizontal greenhouse shades. Our systems are used in: production greenhouses. pommercial greenhouses. research and institutional greenhouses. Our greenhouse shades, roll-up screens and greenhouse ventilation products are customized to your specification and equipped with ...

    By TGU GmbH & Co. KG based in Greven, GERMANY. from Shading Systems Product line

  • Aquauno Logica - Model 8444 - Water Timer

    The Logica is the most straightforward timer in the market! With 15 pre-set programs that range from every 6 hours to weekly irrigation you experience effortless programming that saves you time by simply turning the dial to the desired program. Pre-set programs listed within the face panel; no instruction manual needed. Patented circuitry is ...

    By Claber Inc. based in Geneva, ILLINOIS (USA). from Water Timers Product line

  • Nettuno - Model Junior - Hose Reel Irrigators

    Efficient turbine drive mounted in monobloc with the gearbox; Single-speed gearbox with automatic drive disengagement; Moving transmission to the reel through toothed crown; 3° wheel to facilitate the moving of the machine (fitted on JUNIOR 50-150 and 63-150 only); Lead screw hose layering device; Automatic by-pass (Junior 40-125 excluded)and ...

    By Nettuno s.r.l. based in Fontanelle, ITALY. from Hose Reel Irrigators Product line

  • Functional Water Systems

    Functional Water is Ultrapure Water to which a small concentration of a pure gas has been added. It is not always appreciated that Ultrapure Water on its own is actually quite “aggressive”. However, when one adds a small concentration of a number of pure gases, this property increases dramatically, to the extent that it can be used for ...

    By Aquarion AG based in Baar, SWITZERLAND. from Other Products Product line

  • Enkamat - Matting

    Enkamat is a three dimensional polyamide mat with an open structure. It prevents erosion on embankments, slopes and river banks, canals and reservoirs. Enkamat functions as a protective reinforcing and integrated intermediate layer between natural vegetation and soil. It provides protection above and below the waterline thereby creating a ...

    By Enka Solutions - a brand by Low & Bonar based in Arnhem, NETHERLANDS. from 3D Matting Product line

  • Composting Organic Materials

    Composting Is a natural reaction. This Is a redox designed to dtp/ade the material organic amendment to fanaform H Into fllabMsed humus-rich. This degradation Is undar tha Influence of micro-organisms that grow by mlllons In con fro I led conditions. Composting produces carbon dioxide, water and heat. This Is an aerobic process, that Is to say ...

    By 3 WAYSTE - Groupe Vacher based in POLIGNAC, FRANCE. from Industry of Recycled Raw Materials Product line

  • OZSU - Model TKM18 40-100 Tons/Per Day - Mobile Grain Dryer

    Grain Dryer Model: TKM 18. Capacity: 18 m 3. Fuel Options : Diesel, Gas ( Coal - Pellet ).

    By OZSU Machine Mobile Grain Dryers based in Gonen, TURKEY. from Mobile Grain Dryer Product line

  • WaterScout - Model SM 100 - Soil Moisture Sensor

    Maintaining a healthy soil moisture and water balance is essential for producing high quality plants. Under-watered plants suffer from nutrient deficiencies, stunting and wilting. Conversely, over-watered plants are more susceptible to disease pressure and less tolerant of dry conditions later on in their life cycle. Extreme over-watering will ...

    By Spectrum Technologies, Inc based in Aurora, ILLINOIS (USA). from WaterScout Branad Products Product line

  • ECOTUNNEL - Tunnel Composting Unit

    This activity embraces all mechanical treatment processes (mechanical sorting, waste preparation, etc.) and biological treatment (anaerobic digestion and composting). VINCI Environnement possesses extensive expertise in this field, and has developed a range of specific tools and equipment now proven in a large number of facilities. Very advanced ...

    By VINCI Environnement based in RUEIL MALMAISON cedex, FRANCE. from Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Product line

  • Vibrating Reception Hopper

    It allows drainage of the manual or mechanical harvest. It comprises a double sort process with drainage grids with oblong holes of various sizes, a sliding drainage basket and a juice vat.

    By Pera-Pellenc SA based in FLORENSAC, FRANCE. from Winemaking - Receiving - Sorting Tables Product line

  • Maxi–Clean - Manual Clean Screen Filters

    Manual Clean are designed for high performance contamination removal in applications where durability and economy are essential. Constructed of heavy-gauge carbon or stainless steel, Maxi-Clean filters are fusion epoxy lined with 3M Scotchkote 134 for excellent protection from the environment and long product life. The Maxi‑Clean screen ...

    By Yardney Water Filtration Systems, Inc. based in Riverside, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Irrigation Systems - Manual Clean Screen Filters Product line

  • KaitoSol - Vegetables

    KaitoSol has been extensively tested in vegetables. Some of the crops that it is being used and tested on are: onions, lettuce, brassicas, herbs, potatoes, spinach, squash, beans, celery and carrots . It has also been tested in various greenhouses crops. For greenhouse results and crops, see Oils & Others.

  • Model XA Series - Automated Vertical Farming System

    After 5 years of development and commercial testing Vertical Farm Systems offers the XA Series Growing System. Optimised for low operator skills, low water use and low labour input while achieving high return on investment results. Ideal for commercial production of leafy salad greens and herbs, as well as a large range of seedlings for both ...

    By Vertical Farm Systems - Ecolotron, Inc. based in Palmwoods, AUSTRALIA.

  • AmegA Sciences - Adjuvants & Spray Sundries

    Enhanced effectiveness of application with ease of use and safe operation. An adjuvant is a substance other than water, which enhances the effectiveness of a pesticide with which it is mixed. The ever rising costs of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides make the addition of an adjuvant into the spray tank economical. Applying less fungicide, but ...

    By AmegA Sciences plc based in Northants, UNITED KINGDOM.

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