Agricultural industry Equipment available in Faroe Islands

  • Model B - Mix Feeders

    Feeder for all stages of weaning of piglets up to 35/40 kg. Automated feeding time allows piglets to feed according to their natural feeding behaviour. Optimised trough separators provide a calm feeding environment and eliminate feed wastage. Suitable for all feeds. Easy to use and simple maintenance. The particular structure ensures the proper ...

    By Medi Nova based in Reggio Emilia, ITALY. from Mix Feeders Product line

  • Model F1 - Wet/Dry Finishing Feeder

    No guard present under water line. The original Wet/Dry feeder. Pigs have the choice to eat dry feed from the shelf or combine feed and water in the trough. Improve daily gain while decreasing feed and water waste.Trough divider and low lip height allow feeder to be used in wean-to-fi nish facilities. NEW Crystal Spring Nipple provides constant ...

    By Crystal Spring Hog Equipment based in Ste Agathe, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Wet/Dry Finishing Feeder Product line

  • Special Flat Deck Feed

    Special Flatdeck is designed to increase weight gain and gut condition from the very start of weaning. It's unique formulation gives maximum results for piglets weaned as low as 3kg. Ideal for gruel feeding when fostering or pre starting the piglets on solid feed. When incorporated into an A-One feeding programme enhances feed intake and growth ...

    By A-One Feed Supplements Ltd based in Thirsk, UNITED KINGDOM. from Special Flat Deck Feed Product line

  • Starter - Troughs for Piglets

    The Domino Starter trough is ideal for both softened feed, water and dry feed. It is made in 2 versions - in black PE plastics and in stainless steel. The plastic version has got a larger bottom area and is very suitable for dry feed. The stainless version has got a smaller bottim area which contributes to a quicker distribution of the ...

    By Domino A/S based in Tørring, DENMARK. from Troughs for Piglets Product line

  • Garland - Model G169 - Grow Grids

    Grow Grids can prevent staining & algae growth on patios & wooden deck surfaces, which can be a common ocurrence when using grow bags or patio planting bags. The 2 grids in the pack can be connected to provide an area 96 x 35.5 cm - the perfect area for a standard UK grow bag. Grow Grids can be connected together in either direction, ...

    By Garland Products Ltd based in Kingswinford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Grow Grids Product line

  • Twist-Stik - Livestock Marker

    The All-Weather Twist-Stik livestock marker provides the convenience of a twist-up holder to keep hands and clothing cleaner and allow the entire use of the paint from each marker. The special paint formula is a proven economical way to temporarily identify livestock for sorting, inoculations, breeding and healthcare procedures. The non-toxic ...

    By LA-CO Industries, Inc based in Elk Grove Village, ILLINOIS (USA). from Livestock Marker Product line

  • Agrochemica - Hygiene Products for Livestock

    The portfolio of Agrochemica includes complementary and dietetic complementary feeds, as well as care and hygiene products for livestock.

    By EW Nutrition GmbH based in Visbek, GERMANY. from Hygiene Products for Livestock Product line

  • Model 1025 - Weight Dispensers

    They consist in a large galvanized sheet  container; the opening of the bottom permits the distribution of the feed on the floor uniformly. The regulation of the adjustable side walls allows to determine the correct amount of the feed to be distributed.

    By Falcon Srl based in Brivio (LC), ITALY. from Weight Dispensers Product line

  • Model 301 Type DG RL/TL - Manure Fork

    Type DG RL/TL (for wheel- or telescopic loader) tine length 1000mm thick material main tube with welded cones wear resistant sub- construction, Höhe 780mm.

    By Hesse Metalltechnik GmbH based in Bad Sassendorf, GERMANY. from Manure Fork Product line

  • Manure Drying Chimney

    The ITB Manure Drying Chimney is an air distributor chimney which provides an optimal drying result of the manure. The system works on the following way: Warm stable air is sucked under the roof by the fan and then blown out horizontally under the slat floor. ITB has developed a special air distributor unit which blows out the air uniform and over ...

    By ITB Companies based in Boxmeer, NETHERLANDS. from Manure Drying Chimney Product line

  • Model A, B & C - Manure Fork

    Robust, heavy duty construction. Equipped with 4 side tines. Tines thread into conical housing . With back plates for screwable attachment parts (not applicable for ZV)

    By WIFO-Anema BV based in FERWERT, NETHERLANDS. from Manure Fork Product line

  • Novotný - Model LVS 520 - Forwarder

    Forwarder for the use in the forestry Novotný LVS 520 is designed mainly for thinning. Low impact on forest ground and standing trees, comfort for operators, low operating costs and high productivity of machine played an important role during construction of forwarder LVS 520. Massive 8 wheeled chassis together with 500 mm tires guarantee ...

    By Strojírna Novotný s.r.o based in Hrabová, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • Ravenna - Agricultural Machines Bodies

    Realizing bodies different from standard models and so giving our customers the opportunity of asking specifications that can sotisfy to most various uses from the collecting firewood to the transport of hay or cases of grapes and apples, or also to the building society for special yards, has allowed to Ravenna snc to became a leader company for ...

    By Ravenna snc based in Annone Veneto (VE), ITALY. from Agricultural Machines Bodies Product line

  • BORON - Model MYR - Borated Fertiliser

    MYR BORON is a liquid fertilizer properly studied to prevent and cure the deficiency of Boron. It's enriched with vegetal amino acids and peptides. The particular composition of the product makes Boron easily assimilable and mobile inside the plant.

    By Italpollina SpA based in Rivoli Veronese (VR), ITALY. from Borated Fertiliser Product line

  • Idrobenne - Model PTO/S - Logging Grapple for Professional Operators

    The log grapples of the PTO/S line are robust and powerful, perfectly suited for tough applications. They’re is made to accomplish the requirements of the most demanding forestry professionals.The compact structure, high closing force and light design make them suitable for high performing mini-excavators, wheeled loaders, excavators and off ...

    By Idrobenne s.r.l. based in ISORELLA (BS), ITALY. from Logging Grapple for Professional Operators Product line

  • Model FC6 - Forwarder Cranes

    Our technology developers still recall the moment when they understood the potential of the revolution in sensors in the slewing engine, main boom, outer boom and telescopic boom. The real development of cranes, machines and forestry starts now.

    By Cranab AB based in Vindeln, SWEDEN. from Forwarder Cranes Product line

  • TGT - Model Stubble-X - Degraders

    Stubble-X is a product specifically formulated to degrade the stubble and organic materials in the field, making the dissolved stubble available as nutrients for next year’s crops. It eliminates burning of fields and  instead provides nutrient value to the soil.

    By Terawet Green Technologies, Inc. (TGT) based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Degraders Product line

  • Ecoline - Concentrated Manganese Organic Mineral Micro Fertilizer

    Highly concentrated manganese micro-fertilizer in the form of organic-mineral complex. Designed to eliminate the manifestations of manganese deficiency, as well as for foliar feeding, especially for heavy manganese feeding cultures. The best effect of applying manganese fertilizers can be reached on crops of sugar beets, potatoes, vegetable crops ...

    By Ecoorganic based in Kyiv, UKRAINE. from Concentrated Manganese Organic Mineral Micro Fertilizer Product line

  • Kronos - Model 6020 Series - Timber Loaders

    KRONOS 6020 is designed in accordance with the wishes of professional users. The sturdy crane booms and high quality hydraulic components guarantee efficient working hours for the years ahead. Hydraulic hoses are well shielded inside a protective cover. The hoses are dimensioned for large amounts of oil flow to the grapple. This enables the ...

    By Wikar Oy Ab based in Kronoby, FINLAND. from Timber Loaders Product line

  • Krpan - Model GP 8 D - Forestry Trailers with Cranes

    Load Capacity 8.000 kg. Loading Length 3.700/4.300 mm. Weight 1355 kg.

    By Vitli Krpan, , D.O.O. based in Šmarje pri Jelšah, SLOVENIA. from Forestry Trailers with Cranes Product line

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