Agricultural industry Equipment available in Sri Lanka

  • Palmgain - Palm Tree Fertilizer

    Palm tree fertilizer plays a large part in the overall health of your tropical paradise. Palms, ferns, cycads, ixora, and ornamental plants need ample amounts of nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, and other micronutrients to produce lush green growth and vibrant colors. Maintain your deep green foliage with PALMGAIN 8-2-12. Developed by ...

    By Bougainvillea Growers International (BGI) based in Saint James City FL, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Tomatogain - Model 8-16-16 - Quick Release Feed

    Tomatoes are like many annuals; they are heavy feeders and do better when provided with plenty of nutrients throughout their growing season. Our TOMATOGAIN granular plant food is formulated to provide immediately available nutrients, promote vigorous growth, and high yields while preventing blossom-end rot and splitting. Works well ...

    By Bougainvillea Growers International (BGI) based in Saint James City FL, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Fruit Ripening Room

    We supply ripening chambers and rooms for Banana, Margo etc. This type of cold room needs special temperature and ripening system, it required highly precise controlling for time. We have experience for this kind of rooms.

    By Atlas Refrigeration Technology based in CHINA.

  • Lyre - Model OVS-LT - Trellis System

    Lyre trellis system, also known as “ U “  shaped trellises, is a type similar Geneva Double Curtain, but canes are trained up rather than downward, the upward trained canopy helps with defense against mildew by exposing grapes to more wind and sun. Lyre trellis systems are typically used in high-yielding vineyards and are widely ...

    By Agrow Group based in Yinzhou Dist, Ningbo, CHINA. from Trellis System Product line

  • Agrow - Model ACS-NM-OHN - Olive Harvest Net

    Mono Knitted Olive Harvest Netting are also named as Olive Collection Net or Olive Catching Net, Besides collecting the Olive, it also can used to collect other fruits,nuts. Our Agriculture Olive Nets are made of light weight, durable and stable materials with UV stabilized polyethylene filament,they can be power sprayed off and is ...

    By Agrow Group based in Yinzhou Dist, Ningbo, CHINA. from Olive Harvest Net Product line

  • Agrow - Model FRS-FW - Wall Mounted Livestock Hanging Hay Racks

    Galvanized Hanging Hay Racks are suitable in farm and ranch for goats, cattle and horses etc. wall or fence mounted.They provides a safe, durable, effective and  orderly means of feed to your livestock, it saves your energy, feed and the wet cost compared with the no-feeder control. The Hay Feeders provided a Stable barrier ...

    By Agrow Group based in Yinzhou Dist, Ningbo, CHINA. from Wall Mounted Livestock Hanging Hay Racks Product line

  • Agrow - Model HGS-TY - Banana Growing Bags

    For many orchard man,they wil face several challenges.Such as insect pests,fruit flies,sunburn,and mechanical injuries.Bagged Bananas in a paper bags with chemicals become a effective way.Using Banana Growing Bags not only can protection fruits from pestis damages,but also can improve the stweetness and quality of fruits,and can save the labor ...

    By Agrow Group based in Yinzhou Dist, Ningbo, CHINA. from Banana Growing Bags Product line

  • Kramer - Sizing Shaker

    The Sizing Shaker is designed to separate dry, loose product by size. For example, the Sizing Shaker can be used for peanuts, almonds and beans. Through the entry funnel, the product flows onto the sieve screen. The largest parts remain at the top of the sieve screen, the smaller parts fall through it. The different sortings are each discharged ...

    By Kramer Machines based in Colijnsplaat, NETHERLANDS. from Sizing Shaker Product line

  • Rotons - Plastic Flower Pots

    In addition to bulky plastic products, ROTONS Ltd. also offers a unique range of decorative flower pots. Our plastic recycling technology allows us to produce flower pots that visually resemble stone products, and are decorated with Baroque decorative elements.

    By Rotons Ltd. based in Adažu nov, LATVIA. from Plastic Flower Pots Product line

  • Shaktiman - Model SPHD - Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

    SHAKTIMAN Post Hole Digger (PHD) is tractor operated equipment to dig pits in agriculture or any other land with less time and effort.

    By Tirth Agro Technology Pvt. Ltd. based in Taluka: Gondal, Dist.: Rajkot, INDIA. from Hydraulic Post Hole Digger Product line

  • Evoqua - Model V-200 Series - Automatic Screen Filters

    The best value solution for automatic filtration down to 10 micron for flow rates 7 to 50 m3/hr (30 to 220 gpm).

    By Evoqua Water Technologies LLC based in Warrendale, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Automatic Screen Filters Product line

  • Sélecta - Model 3.3 - Self-Propelled Machine

    The SELECTA 3 incorporates the latest ALMA innovations: shaking, conveying, sorting, and steering. 50% less expensive than a self-propelled harvesting machine, it offers harvesting quality equivalent to a self-propelled machine with outstanding driving comfort. The SELECTA 3.3 offers a very good cleaning thanks to power plant of cleaning on each ...

    By Alma based in Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, FRANCE.

  • MACView - Ethylene Postharvest Analyser

    The MACView Ethylene Postharvest Analyser is an extreme sensitive ethylene measurement device suitable for measurement of ethylene in postharvest storage rooms, and scrubbers. Levels arround 1 ppb resolution can be measured.

    By Sercom Regeltechniek B.V. based in Lisse, NETHERLANDS. from Ethylene Postharvest Analyser Product line

  • Model TP 100 PTO - Drum Chipper

    The TP 100 is a drum chipper with a vertical funnel. Small, compact and effective wood chipper for chipping branches up to 100 mm in diameter. Retraction and cutting the material happens at the combination of the vertical chipper and the knives´position on the drum in relation to the anvil.

    By Linddana A/S based in Tørring, DENMARK. from Drum Chipper Product line

  • Model TP 130 PTO - 13 cm Wood Chipper

    The characteristic of the new wood chipper is the wish to optimize on price with compromising on quality. TP 130 has one hydraulic driven feed roller which is manufactured with tooth discs made from wear steel which gives a strong and aggressive infeed when the wood is fed through the feeder and directly to the knives. The chips that are produced ...

    By Linddana A/S based in Tørring, DENMARK. from 13 cm Wood Chipper Product line

  • Model TP 175 PTO - Tractor-Mounted Chipper

    This tractor-mounted chipper sets completely new standards for efficient and uniform chipping in landscaping and agriculture. As the first tractor-mounted chipper, TP 175 PTO is produced in high strength steel that is 50% stronger than conventional steel.This makes TP 175 PTO a stronger machine even if it weighs less than traditional engineered ...

    By Linddana A/S based in Tørring, DENMARK. from Tractor-Mounted Chipper Product line

  • Model TP 250 PTO K - 25 cm Park Wood Chipper

    If you want large capacity, flexibility and a uniform chip quality from your wood chipper then TP 250 is the answer. TP 250 is a disc chipper with hydraulic feed. It is effiective for celaning up and chipping branches with a width of up to 250 mm in diameter. The large rotor disc with three knives combined with three anvils, a 90 degree cutting ...

    By Linddana A/S based in Tørring, DENMARK. from 25 cm Park Wood Chipper Product line

  • Model TP 215 - Mobile Wood Chipper

    THE STRONGEST INFEED IN THE MARKET: The unsurpassed infeed force is obtained in a combination two aggressive shark teeth feed rollers, two powerful springs and TP DUAL TORQUE INFEED™ ensuring maximum oil pressure and flow to each feed roller motor! Patented automatic clutch system between engine and chipper giving less stress on the engine ...

    By Linddana A/S based in Tørring, DENMARK. from Mobile Wood Chipper Product line

  • Schwing Bioset - Schwing Poppet Valves

    Schwing Bioset employs the use of a Poppet Valve on a piston pump when slurries and compressible materials are being pumped. The poppet valve isolates the pump from the pipeline at the completion of a pumping stroke and prevents material from back-flowing into the pump and decreasing its efficiency. As the pump cycles, the cylinder that is ...

    By Schwing Bioset, Inc. based in Somerset, WISCONSIN (USA). from Schwing Poppet Valves Product line

  • Minor-Mignon - Model M748 - 3P Mounted Phantom Sprayer

    The 3P Mounted Phantom M748 'Minor-Mignon' Sprayers are available in the 3P Mounted version of 200 litres (50 USG) capacity which also includes a 25 l (5,5 USG) tank for circuit rinsing and 15 l (4 USG) for hand washing.

    By Martignani srl based in S. Agata sul Santerno (RA), ITALY. from 3P Mounted Phantom Sprayer Product line

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