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Model AVECH II - Enrichable / Enriched Colony Housing Systems



The AVECH II Enrichable system provides you a system which starts out as an Enrichable system, and gives you the flexibility and assurance in knowing you can convert to a completely Enriched system in an affordable and efficient manner. When it comes time for you to convert to a completely enriched system, the AVECH II is the most affordable and efficient system to convert. Contact a Big Dutchman representative to better understand what goes into the conversion process, and how the AVECH II makes this conversion easy, fast and affordable.

The AVECH Enrichable and Enriched systems share the same quality components, such as feeding, drinking and egg handling. If the time comes for you to convert your system to a fully Enriched system, you simply add the nest environment, perches and other components which make up an Enriched system.

  • Drip water cups prevent corrosion and help to keep the manure dry
  • One watering nipple per every 10 hens
  • 360º access
  • High water flow

The floor cross supports are mounted above the floor to allow hens to walk on them, which keeps the cross supports clean.  

The strength of the AVECH comes from a unique engineering design which holds up under the shifting weight of birds as they move from side to side, which happens in both the enrichable and enriched systems.

The AVECH system features 10 support rods (5 on each side) and cross support brackets to provide exceptional system strength and integrity.



From the hen to the packing area, Big Dutchman has taken every effort in designing the most efficient egg handling system available in the industry. Our egg handling systems provide gentle egg transport throughout the entire system, yielding higher returns to your bottom line.

Safe and efficient egg handling is done with our EggCellent egg collector which has an innovative design to provide high volume egg collection with less adjustments, and maintenance, while still providing protection for the eggs.

The EggCellent’s special egg conveying chain is made of interlocked plastic module parts, which will not stretch and requires no lubrication. These chain modules feature integrated soft padding for impact protection and gentle egg transport.

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