- Model 100.1 - Twin Disc Fertiliser Trailed Spreader



100% of the application rate is spread on both sides to provide the nutrients necessary for you to reach your yield objectives. AXENT 100.1 is the only spreader on the market equipped with EMC application rate control on either side. The position of the metering outlet is corrected every second, according to the torque measured on each spreading disc. This technology has many benefits: application rate respected on each metering outlet, no risk of clogging, EMC detects and corrects flow variations instantly.

The right application rate is spread in the right place and « dose effect » is avoided thanks to the revolutionary CDA System. The machine is GPS CONTROL Ready to ensure optimum spread adaptation to the plot. The following systems are built-in:

  • OPTIPOINT: optimisation of outlet opening and closing points according to fertiliser type,
  • VARISPREAD Dynamic: constant variation for perfect field point management.

AXENT 100.1 is a modular machine. Two spreading modules are available:

  • AXIS PowerPack: precise spreading of granular fertilisers from 18 to 50 m
  • LIME PowerPack: spreading several tons per hectare of soil-enriching agents such as lime, moist bulk, organic fertiliser (pellets)…

Even more operating comfort: it only takes 10 minutes to change from one configuration to the other.

AXENT 100.1 is fitted with a steering axle for improved performance on headlands and slopes which results in crop preservation and no flattening of plants.

Max. effective load (kg) 10400
Filling height approx. (m) 2.9
Transport Height (m) 3.15
Overall width (m) 2.55 (with 2.00 m track)
Length (m) 7.70 (with spreading module)
Control system CCI ISOBUS terminal or tractor’s ISOBUS terminal
Spreading table  Lime PowerPack : for soil-enriching products AXIS PowerPack : for granular fertilisers
Border spreading On AXIS PowerPack : left and/or right
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp)  180
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 135
Capacity (max.) (l) 9400

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