Model Axial Max 1475 - Combine Harvesters


General: Class 7, Axial Flow, Grain,Corn/Soybean, Special set for Rice. Feeding: Feeder Type: Chain and slat conveyor, Length (mm): 1800, Width (mm): 1400, Reverser: Hydraulically powered, Feeder Lateral Tilt: Manual or automatic.

Threshing & Separating
Front Beater Type Accelerator Roll
Diameter (mm) 425
Speeds (rpm) 440 - 800 
Stone protection Stone trap Trough 

Type Axial (longitudinally mounted)
Diameter: (mm) 750
Length: (mm) 3150
Threshing elements numbers 15 in three helical paths
Separator Tines numbers 24 in four radial row
Drive Hydrostatic powered
Speeds 2 Ranges , Infinite speeds within range Low Range (rpm) 0 - 750
High Range (rpm) 0 - 1050

Quantities Adjustable - 3 module
Types Small wire – Large wire – Round Bar 
Length: (mm) 1040
Area – total (m2) 1,1
Concave clearance (mm) 45 
Separator Grates 
Quantities 4 modules fixed
Length : (mm) 1200
Area – total (m2) 1,9 
Re-threshing Return material to threshing section

Grain pan
Type Four auger conveyor 
Shoe box
Type Counterbalance Shoe
Pre-sieve Slats-Louvers fixed
Upper Sieve Adjustable Slats-Louvers
Lower Sieve Round holes fixed - interchangeable
Total cleaning area: (m2) 4, 5
Cleaning Fan type Cross Flow
Fan Speed :( rpm) electrically actuated - 500 to 1200

Grain Handling 
Tailing elevator Roller chain w/rubber flight (144x68 mm)
Clean Grain elevator Roller chain w/rubber flight (210x110 mm)
Grain Tank capacity (kg) 7000
Unloading rate (l/min.) 4650
Clearance (m) 5200 
Discharge height (mm) 5000

Residue Disposal
Type Dual cone and paddle
Straw and chaff spreader Belt driven
Dual speed (rpm) 750 - 1200
Spread angle Adjustable

Brand Scania
Model DC9 70 A
Displacement 9 L
Horsepower (hp) 350
Power rise (hp) 20
Rate speed (rpm) 1900
Cylinders 5
Aspiration Turbocharged/intercooler
Management Electronic injection pump

Transmission Type Hydrostatic
Front axle Single and dual 
Rear steering axle Rear wheel assist optional
Speeds with 900/65 R32 R1
1st range (km/h) 0 - 5,8
2nd range (km/h) 0 - 15
3rd range (km/h) 0 - 28 
Parking brake standard
Hydraulic power disc brake standard
Front axle single Tire 900/65 R32 R1
Rear axle 18.4 – 26 R 1
Front axle Duals Tire 20.8 R 38 R1 
Rear axle 28 L – 26 R1
Interior Volume (m3) 3 , 2
Glass (m2) 5 , 7
Seat Air ride with 6 adjustments
Passenger Seat standard
Steering Wheel Dual tilt and telescoping
Air conditioning standard
Heater standard
Mirrors Rectangular and convex , manually adjust
Combine and engine performance Gauges – Needle and digital
Engine oil pressure,Fuel level,coolant temperature
Digital display 
Engine speed.Rotor speed Ground speed

Alternator (Amps) 24 volts – 160 amperes
Batteries 2 of 12 volts 160 amperes
Lighting (24 volts) Field/Road, Grain Tank, Unload System, Rear Field 
Circuit 24 volts Engine - Lights
Circuit 12 volts Monitor crop performance – AM/FM car CD player – cigarette socket 

Wheel base: (mm) 3700
Height with unloading tube shut and without been cone (m) 3950
Length without Header: (m) 8000
Width without Header: (m) 3900
Weight without Header: (kg) 16500
Weight Header: (kg) 3200
Ground clearance: (mm) 510

Fuel Tank:(L) 950
Cooling system:(L) 60
Crankcase:(L) 33
Hydraulic system:(L) 30
Hydraulic system:(L) 60

Type Flex header
Cutter Bar width: in (ft) and (m) 30 foot or 9,1 m 
Feeder Lateral Tilt Manual or automatic 
Reel Drive Hydraulic 
Retractable Finger Entire width 
Gear Box Cut Bar Slow vibrations type 
Flex Range: (mm) 150 
Header Transport Cart 
Ground contour control manually or automatic 
Height Reel control Standard
Height Cut Barr control manually or automatic 
Speed Reel control manually or automatic 
Electrical and Hydraulic Header functions Single point Command connections 

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