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AXIAL, advancing to new confidence. AXIAL is the first of a family of tailor-made cereal grass weed solutions to be introduced to growers globally. It has been developed for worldwide use in both wheat and barley and offers unrivaled crop tolerance. In addition, AXIAL offers a broad spectrum of weed control and convenience to the grower through its flexible application times in varying weather conditions and compatibility with many broadleaf herbicides.

The Active Ingredient in AXIAL is pinoxaden (with cloquintocet-mexyl safener) and has registration in many key cereal markets globally. It raises the standard for grass weed herbicides and complements the Syngenta cereal herbicides portfolio offer to growers.

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  • Active ingredient: Pinoxaden and safener cloquintocet-mexyl
  • Mode of action: AXIAL based on the innovative pinoxaden chemistry, inhibits the synthesis of membrane lipids, resulting in rapid dessication of the target grasses.
  • Targets: Annual grasses such as Alopecurus (blackgrass), Apera (bentgrass), Avena (wild oats), Lolium (ryegrass), Phalaris (canary grass), Setaria (foxtails) and Poa (meadowgrass).
  • Main crops: Spring and winter wheat, spring and winter barley.
  • Geography: The product will be sold in all important cereal markets.
  • Date of first launch: 2005

Main customer benefits:

  • Key advantages of AXIAL are:
    • Fast broad-spectrum grass control delivers cleaner and higher-yielding crops
    • Excellent crop safety in wheat and barley also under adverse climatic conditions
    • An unrivalled use flexibility to maximise benefits of weed management programme

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