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NEW AXONE S technicians are no longer alone in needing a multi-brand diagnostic tool to dialogue with electronic control units. Diagnostic tools are rapidly becoming indispensable to technicians working in specific areas of vehicle maintenance, such as tyre fitters, fast-fit service stations. Until today, no diagnostic tool really fulfilled the needs of vehicle specialists of this kind. If they wanted one, they had to buy a costly and sophisticated model intended for the all-round mechanic, though they would never need most of the functions it provided. Now, TEXA has filled this gap in the market with AXONE S. The AXONE S is the first product of its kind: a true multi-utility diagnostic tool.

Advanced Technology

AXONE S is equipped with a generous 5 inch capacitive LCD-TFT touchscreen. This type of display offers numerous benefits, including high sensitivity for a rapid response to even the lightest touch, and excellent luminosity.

AXONE S runs on a Cortex-A8 800 Mhz processor with a 2D and 3D graphic accelerator. AXONE S comes complete with the robust Navigator nano S vehicle interface.

The Different Utilities Available

The following utilities are currently available and tailored to specific professional profiles:

DIAGNOSIS: The perfect utility for technicians who want a simple, entry level diagnostic tool to serve their customers, and for garages that want a second or personal tool to complement their main diagnostic system.

FAST-FIT: The utility that allows specialists in the growing number of fast-fit centres to perform important service and repair tasks requiring specific and detailed procedures.

TPS: The utility for the modern tyre fitter, who needs a tool capable of performing operations connected with the TPMS system (which becomes obligatory from November 2014), including the programming of valve sensors and control units.

New Idc4a Software

The AXONE S uses the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 version of the Android™ operating system. Development for Android™ has made TEXA’s celebrated IDC4a diagnostic software easier than ever to use, thanks to the operating system’s highly intuitive gestures.

IDC4a for Android™ is ideal for the purposes for which AXONE S is intended, i.e. a multi-utility tool for daily use focused on a specific set of operations that need to be completed conveniently and quickly.

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