Model AY P1600 - Double Rows Potato Harvester


Potato harvester with two rows are produced for harvesting two rows of potatoes with 60-70 cm distance between rows. The harvester removes the potato out of soil and sieves with the help of the rear sifter. İt is more efficient to operate the harvester in a speed 10-12 km/hour. You must lubricate the machine during use.

Total width (mm) 1600

Total length (mm) 2600

Total height (mm) 1300

Total weight (kg) 600

Working depth (mm) 2580

Working width (m) 1320

Working capacity (da / h) 3

Max Distance Between Rows 750

Palate Quantity for Eliminate Section (mm) 710+10

Desired Power(hp) 45 - 70

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